Let's get you out of deep water! The right irrigation for your plants

Whether for indoor or outdoor cultivation, all plants need water. The right equipment helps to irrigate beds or indoor crops properly. We therefore offer watering cans and water sprayers, pumps, hoses, irrigation systems and many other products. Browse through our range or continue reading below if you would like to find out more.

What is the best way to water my hemp plants?

Many growers with smaller facilities choose traditional irrigation with a watering can or bucket. This variant only requires a small budget, but also means more time and effort. If you want to reduce your workload or simply don't have enough time to supply the plants with water by hand all the time, it's better to choose another option.

Complete systems such as AutoPot are easy-care systems in which irrigation is run automatically. AutoPotswork entirely without electricity and are ideal for holiday use. The required water is simply drawn from an elevated tank using hydraulic pressure and the plants are reliably supplied with the necessary amount of water.

Another possibility is drip irrigation. Each plant is supplied individually with water from a tank via special hoses and drippers. For this type of irrigation you also need a timer that controls the watering intervals and other accessories such as pumps and tubes.

In addition, there is the option of ebb and flow systems. This means that the plants are placed on a grow table. The inlet of the table is connected to a pump via a suitable hose. At regular intervals, a controller activates the pump that floods the table with water from a tank. The grow table drain is equipped with an overflow valve which allows the water to drain off at the desired time.


Irrigation water: what to consider.

Plants react sensitively to water that is too warm or too cold. The ideal water temperature for watering hemp is about 21C. In order to keep the nutrient solution in the water tank at the perfect temperature, it is useful to install heating rods or water coolers.

Air pumps can be used to set the irrigation water in motion, especially in large water tanks. They generate a constant flow of air and thus enrich the water with oxygen. This leads to an optimal supply of the plants, especially in summer temperatures, when the roots have an increased oxygen demand.

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