Make a home for your plants: Grow tents according to your needs

In order to create the ideal conditions for successful indoor cultivation, the use of a grow tent is recommended. It gives the plants space to thrive vigorously and offers them protection against external influences. In a grow box you can, with the right lighting, ventilation and irrigation, create a habitat for your plants that meets the perfect conditions. With our Homebox and Secret Jardin Grow tents you will always succeed in growing plants successfully, regardless of seasons, daylight and weather conditions.

In this category you will find a wide selection of plant tents for indoor cultivation. Specially developed for plant breeding, they allow highly professional indoor solutions that meet all requirements. From miniature solutions for the smallest space to XL grow boxes for ambitious growers, we have everything your heart desires.

Buy a grow tent or build a grow room

Once you have decided to grow your plants indoors, you are initially faced with the question: Where do my plants go? If you choose the (usually cheaper) DIY version and want to build your own grow room, you have the advantage of complete individuality and the best possible use of space. However, for this version a complete room is needed exclusively for the plants, craftsmanship is required and the assembly, disassembly and conversion is much more complex than with a grow box. Since there are now tents in all sizes and shapes, you can instead simply order a grow box in the ideal size and make maximum use of the space available to you. Be it in the closet, in the basement, in the garage, in the attic or in the bedroom, the possibilities of the location choice for grow tents are unlimited.

The tent variant is especially suitable for novices. Beginner mistakes are more likely to be avoided and the first grow will not become a nerve-racking undertaking. But also for advanced growers and professionals a grow box is often the right choice, because you stay flexible and relaxed. The cultivation tents are available in many different designs, depending on the intended use and the size of the grow.

Which grow box is right for me?

To make it easier for you to decide, we have compiled an overview of the different models of our plant tents.

High-tech design and technology from Germany: The Homebox is the basis for successful and safe breeding at home. Set up in just 20 minutes, it is a light-proof room-in-room solution. With the PAR+ interior coating developed exclusively for Homebox, the light is optimally reflected. Simply mount the lighting and ventilation in the existing brackets and off you go.

  • AMBIENT Q-SERIES: Clear lines, premium surface material and maximum functionality. The square propagators of the Ambient product line were developed with one goal in mind: The integration of the grow box into the living space. The light yield is maximized by the white PAR+ foil on the inside.
  • AMBIENT R-SERIES: The rectangular version of the Ambient Grow Tent. Adapts to many living room situations and impresses with its elegant design, discreet coloring and high-quality, robust materials. The reflection of light is ideal thanks to the white coating (PAR+).
  • VISTA: Thanks to their modern design and elegant materials, the Vista grow tents blend wonderfully into the room ambience. A practical window allows views into the tent without changing the climate. The white inner material (PAR+) reflects the light in the best possible way. And the Vista Triangle is a triangular grow box that even fits into every corner.
  • HOMELAB: The inexpensive Homebox. Lockable windows provide a clear view in the growbox. The material is thermally insulated and extra reinforced. The inner coating of these tents is silver.

Secret Jardin was the first indoor grow tent manufacturer to use Mylar with a hammer blow effect in their tents. It serves as a barrier against PVC toxins and has a reflectance of over 95%. The aim of Secret Jardin is to enable you to grow plants in a transportable setting while controlling the environmental factors that affect their growth.

  • DARK ROOM: Made from a durable Ø19mm frame structure and a tear resistant 210D canvas, these tents meet all your demands. All Dark Room models include many practical accessories to organize the Grow Room. In addition, the design of the Revision 3.0 series prevents the tent from shrinking when the exhaust air is running.
  • DARK STREET: The Dark Street IV Grow Tent is a customized model for smaller areas from 0.36 to 1.44 square meters. With high-quality materials and practical construction, it is up and running in no time.
  • LODGE: The Lodge has all the advantages of the Dark Street series. In addition, this grow box provides additional space for cultivation.
  • DARK PROPAGATOR: Ideal Grow Room station for cuttings, seedlings and mother plants.
  • ORCA TENT: The best reflection with 40% more luminous efficacy thanks to patented Orca Foil.

Order your grow tent online or ask for advice

Via our online shop you can have the suitable grow tent delivered directly to your front door. And if you are not sure which is the best growbox for you, we are looking forward to your visit in one of our branches in Vienna, where our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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