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Get yourhands onthese must-read hemp books and magazines

For cannabis lovers and bookworms we have a colorful selection of informative, entertaining and educational literature about hemp. In our online shop you will find scientific books about the medicinal properties of hemp and overview works on indoor and outdoor cultivation of plants as well as cookbooks and leisure literature. Get the answers to all your questions and stay reliably informed!

All you need to know about medical hemp and CBD

If you are interested in medical hemp and want to learn more about CBD and other active agents found in the hemp plant, you will for sure findan informative book in our online-shop. May it the effect of cannabis drops or CBD and its fields of application – find out all you want to know! Medicinal Hemp has arrived intodays society and isnowadays utilized for treating many different diseases and medical conditions. Time to learn more about it.

Baking and cooking with hemp: delicious and healthy

You have always wanted to bake a cake with cannabutter? Orare youjust looking for easy but sophisticated recipes with hemp? Then you are going to find the perfect book among our baking- and cookbooks, in which you can discover countless recipes with hempseeds, hemp oil and the like.

Growth and cultivation of hemp-plants during their entire life-cycle

For everyone that wants to find out more about growing and nurturing hemp-plants, we provide many educational books. Everything you need to know about indoor- and outdoor-cultivation can be found in several books, as well as the history and origin of the hemp plant. The read can be worthwhile for beginners and advanced growers alike.

Entertaining literature for funny moments

If you are searching for a suitable, humorous present or want to entertain yourself with an amusing book, you will definitely find a fitting one in our online-store. Cheer up with funny facts and myths about cannabis, that get revealed and explained in our books.

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