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Esterhazygasse 32-34
1060 Wien
Tel: +43 1 609 13 14 60

Back to the roots.

In April 1998 the first cannabis plants were sold in Austria from the cellar of Esterhazygasse 32-34, in Vienna's 6th district.

After more than 20 years and numerous projects, we literally return to the roots and our origin!

Today, only exquisite cannabis plants find a home with us - and possibly soon with you!

High Quality: Cannabis Cuttings from the world’s best breeders

From Holland’s old-school grow virtuosos to the shooting stars of the American new-school generation, only elite strains by top growers gather at Bushplanet Clones.
Discover a new alternative to standard hemp cutting stores. Bushplanet Clones offers never-before seen genetics in Vienna, long-lasting growing equipment and regional organic fertilizers.

Ready 2 Grow: Hemp cuttings in a plug, cube or pot

Growers who buy premium cuttings also deserve premium service!
That’s why at Bushplanet Clones, all cuttings are cultivated according to our “Ready 2 Grow” motto: Ready for take-out and instantly ready for use! 
All cannabis plants are sold in organic plugs, cubes or pots and are suitable for every growing system and medium. Depending on your preference, you can choose between soil, coconut or hydroponics. 
Our clones are treated with beneficial organisms (Biohelp, Garden & Bees) and with immune system strengthening, natural plant food (Multikraft) to provide the best possible conditions for a healthy growth.

Perfectly healthy cuttings from our own production

Our hemp cuttings are cultivated under optimal conditions and the strictest hygienic conditions directly on site. All production rooms are entered exclusively with clean work clothes.
In addition, the rooms are pressurized by filtered supply air. This prevents pests and spores from being sucked in.

Selection of the mother plant

In order to offer stable genetics, we only select mother plants that were grown from regular hemp seeds (m/f) from the most renowned seed banks.
In the search for the best phenotype, the strongest females are then reduced to a promising queen.
To prevent weak genetics and avoid lignification, our mother plants are regularly renewed.
Other than fungicides we also use systemic pesticides as a prophylactic measure.

Our cloning process

Our cannabis cuttings are cut from the selected mother plant and grow into plants with exactly these desired genetic qualities.
In contrast to seedlings, each cutting of a single variety is genetically completely identical, grows uniformly and is 100% female. 
Growers do not have to worry about hermaphrodites either. Hermaphrodites do not occur in cuttings!

Your one-stop clones shop: First-class grow products for quality cuttings

To ensure that your new buddies lack absolutely nothing, we also have suitable plant boosters and optimal protection in store. We exclusively focus on certified organic and mainly regionally produced hemp fertilizers and additives.
Our selected range of high-quality growing equipment, such as irrigation, lighting, ventilation and everything you need for successful growing, focuses on energy efficiency and durability.

Is the purchase of clones legal in Austria?

In a nutshell, YES! Similar to cannabis seedlings from our Bushplanet Plantcity shop, the same applies here: As long as there is no intention of producing narcotics, the purchase of hemp cuttings remains legal in Austria. 
As lovers of the cultural plant hemp, we offer our cuttings as decorative plants with a DNA worthy of protection. Elite clones should not be missing in any serious plant collection and are excellent for keeping insects at bay or improving air quality.

It doesn't get more central than this

Only a stone's throw away from Mariahilferstraße, our Clones store nestles into the cityscape of Vienna's 6th district. One minute walk from the U3 station Zieglergasse and two minutes from the 13A / 14A bus stop Neubaugasse, our store is located at Esterházygasse 32-34.

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