OnDab-Rigs,Oil, Extractionand BHO

What does Dabbing mean?

Dabbing describes the process of vaporizing and inhaling oil, wax or shatter. This wax consists mainly of highly concentrated essential oils and is extracted out of plant material. The active components can be found in concentrations up to 90%.Unlike when smoking herbs, the dab doesn?t get in direct contact with fire, so it doesn?t get burnt. An oil-nail or a ?banger? out of glass, quartz or titan gets heated, the hash-oil gets placed on top and evaporates thereupon. The resulting vapor can be inhaled.

Order Bubblers, Bongs and Dab-Rigs online

Both from oil-bongs/bubblers, that are especially designed for dabbing, and normal bongs, that got modified into dab-bongs, you can get magnificent results. Effectively, every regular bong can easily be upgraded to a wax-bong with the right bowl and spare parts like domes or carb caps, to put on the bowl and prevent the vapor from escaping.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, bubbler, pipes and smaller bongs are more convenient. Little capacity leads to a more compact steam, percolators make for a pleasant and smooth inhalation. Because of the high level of purity of the extract, a lot less debris builds up and the bong stays easy-to-clean.

Process everything: How to extract oils, wax or shatter

To produce Oil, Wax or Shatter, the active agents of plant-remains or flowers get extracted. A popular way of doing so is the extraction via butane-gas or dimethyl-ether. Here, a suitable extractor out of plastic, glass, steel or with anodized coating, gets filled with plantmaterial. Through this extractor with integrated filter runs the butane-gas, in which the active agents dissolve. It then gets collected in a silicone- or glassbowl, the gas evaporates and what remains is BHO ? Butane Hash Oil. Because butane-gas leaves toxic residues that need to be washed out, one can alternatively also use dimethyl-ether like Dexso. It is non-toxic, but also washes out more chlorophyll, which makes the outcome less pure

DANGER! Always use butane-gas and dimethyl-ether outdoors! Highly inflammable!

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