Odor Neutralisation

In order to eliminate unwanted smells quickly and easily, we offer a wide range of odour-neutralising products. Whether for emergency use or permanent application, we offer a wide selection of sprays, gels, mobile air purifiers or stand-alone units. If you rely on ONA or Vaportek smell neutralization, you can be sure that all unwanted scents will be eliminated without compromise.

Breath easywith the help of professional air improvement

The times when incense sticks were used to hide intense aromas are over. Thanks to innovative technology, it is now possible not only to mask odors, but to neutralize them. Those, who no longer want to worry about the unwanted smell of smoke or alike, everyone, who want to have fresh air wherever, whenever,are absolutely in the rightcategory of our online shop.

Always fresh air with sprays, blocks and Co.

  • ONA Sprays: Spray bottles for selective use
  • ONA Liquids: Can be filled into any spray bottle
  • ONA Gel: Jar filled with odor-neutralizing gel, simply open and place in odor-laden room
  • ONA Blocks: Jar containing smell-neutralizing block, open and place in desired position

    How do ONA products neutralize unpleasant smells?

    • Adsorption: Some volatile organic compounds accumulate on the surface of substances in the ONA and thus lose their olfactory characteristics.
    • Absorption: Some compounds with low molecular weight enter the interior of substances in the ONA and thus lose their odor.
    • Chemical reaction: Some odorous, volatile compounds react with substances in the ONA, changing their molecular structure and eliminating the odor.
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