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Why headshop? In 1966, Jeff Glick opened one of the first pipe and bong shops in San Francisco called "Head Shop" - withoutanticipating which impact his move would later have!

Until today, all stores that specialise in selling bongs, vaporizers,rolling papers and other smoking accessories are called head shop.

Bushplanet, the pioneer of the Austrian head shopscene

In 1996, the first demonstration for the legalization of the cannabis-plant took placeat Michaelerplatz in Vienna. Itwas initiated and supported by Bushplanet, and kicked off the following "Hanffeuer"-Demos, where thousands of people marched for theircause six times in a row. After that,Bushplanet supported the "Hanf-Wandertag" to fight for fairness and the right on cannabis. Until today, we furthermore are represented on the annually Cultiva-Hemp Expo, to encourage the dialogue on everything cannabis.

Oursmall head shop from back in the days, which literally started out in a cubbyhole, selling hemp-items of all kinds, is nowadays established to the highest degree.All available products are carefully selected, to provide a perfect smoking experience to both beginners and pros.Everyone gets to find the best bong, the best paper and the pest pipe for their personal needs in our online head shop.

Peace, community, love and fairness have carried this culture, then and now. Values that we havereinterpreted, updated and still follow to this day.All our products comply with standards of the modern cannabis market and since more than 20 yearscustomers canenjoy a thorough variety of head-shop-typical products from bongs and accessories to papes, filters and pipes, from grinders and digital scales to baggies and books.

In our online head shop you will find pretty much everything a smokercould wish for. Of course we are constantly working on keeping all items at their best price, and thanks to years ofexperience in shipping, your order will arrive safe and sound.

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