Soil & Substrates

Which growing medium is best for me?

A well-chosen cultivation medium is crucial to ensure that your cannabis plants are properly supplied with water and nutrients and, therefore, can grow optimally. In order for your hemp plants to grow strong and develop their full potential, you should fall back on specially composed soils and substrates for cannabis cultivation.

In our online grow shop we always have a large assortment of soil, coco coir or rock wool in stock for everyone who is serious about growing their own plants. To find out which growing medium is best for you and fits your growing style, and at the same time promises maximum results, please refer to our Soil & Substrates Guide down below.

The choice is yours: earth, coco coir or rock wool?

Theoretically, you can place your plants in any potting soil, but if you want to do something special for your loved one, you should take a look at high quality growing media especially for cannabis growing.

These soils and substrates suit the needs of the hemp plant best:

  • Soil– a tried and tested classic: Earth for indoor or outdoor growth is available in a wide variety of compositions and for every growing cycle. Plagron offers various pre-fertilised mixes such as the Light Mix for cultivation (3 weeks pre-fertilised), the high-quality Royal Mix (6 weeks pre-fertilised), the popular allrounder soil Allmix and even soil with bat guano. Biobizz, especially their bestsellerLight-Mix,offersogranic pre-fertilized and rich outdoor soils. The Canna Terra Professional line is known for its excellent root formation, low incidence of disease and high production potential.
  • Coconut– the growing medium of the future: Coco is a highly sustainable, 100% organic grow product that has been used since 1290. Cocos is particularly permeable to air and shows high success in the cultivation of fast-growing plants. In addition, coconut is extremely easy to transport, as the soil is pressed into handy brick molds and only unfolds to 10x its original volume through the addition of water. A single brick can quickly turn into 11 liters of coconut earth. Cokonut fibers are very thirsty and should be watered more often than other growing medium. Wedeliver coconut for growing and breeding from quality manufacturers such as Plagron, BioBizz, Canna, U Gro, RombergandBioNova.
  • Rock wool - the sterile natural product: We have removed rock wool from our product range, although weare awarethat great results can be achieved with this growing medium. We do prefer and work with organic Eazy Plugs / Eazy Blocks.


Tabs, plugs and trays especially for cultivation

Many growers treat the germination of seeds or the growing of cuttings asan own science. No wonder that a unique market has developed around the topic of cultivation with special tabs, plugs and trays. Tabs and plugs are very easy to handle and are available in all possible sizes and shapes.In our online grow shopyou can choose from various organic plugs such as Eazy Plugsor Coconut tabs from Romberg.

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