Soil & Substrates

Choosing the right substrate

The decision of the ideal soil and/or substrates forms the foundation for successful plant cultivation. With the right soil, you build the foundation for your plant's success. At Bushplanet, you will find a variety of soils and substrates that ensure optimal plant growth. Because every plant is unique and requires the right nutrient composition..

Different substrates for individual needs

The choice of the right growing medium is crucial. Our range includes numerous options such as soil, coconut fibers, perlite, Seramis, hydro corals (expanded clay pellets), worm humus, and rock wool. Each of these offers unique characteristics that meet the specific requirements of different plants.

Selection of organic and mineral Substrates

A variety of products in our range are certified for organic growing. Treated with enzymes and various microbial cultures, irrigation creates a living substrate.

Our pre-fertilized soils ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients from the beginning. This enables healthy growth over weeks and reduces the need for additional fertilization during this period.

Quality and quantity are a priority

For advanced gardeners, we offer specialized substrates such as coco coir, coco-perlite blends, and organic soils from various renowned manufacturers like BioBizz, Plagron, and Canna.

These allow professionals to precisely control the growth of their plants and selectively influence the EC and pH values. With various blends of peat types, perlite, tree bark, and worm humus, we offer a wide range of substrate options for your house plants.

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