Rolling Papers

Roll it, baby!Longpapes and endless rolls for every taste!

Since hundreds of years,we are rolling all kinds of herbs into tobacco leaves and inhale the smoke that emerges while burning those "Cigars". Cigarette-paper to "roll-your-own" first came into the market beginning of the 20th century. These papers were initially produced out of wood, a very cheap commodity. For a long time, people rolled their cigarettes with these rather thick papers, and herb-lovers often fell back on bongs or pipes. Rolling paper started to develop only since the 1980s, they became thinner and longer.

The resultare the "Slow-Burning"-long papes as we know them today, rolling papers that burn down comparatively slow and cool. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different rolling materials and sizes. Whatever your preference may be ? we offer you papes and tips of all kinds and shapes.

The rolling paper ABC: Which is Which?

  • Hemp: This material is perfectly suitable for an eco-friendly production because it is a quickly renewable resource that is easily cultivated in organic conditions.
  • Flax: The fibers of the linseed are used for the manufacturing of thin and sleek papers. Other than that, they are normally used in the textile industry.
  • Rice: Rice is being processed to produce particularly taste-free rolling paper. The processing of this material, however, is a lot more elaborate.
  • Wood/Cellulose: Cellulose out of wood or flax is the most widely used basic material for cigarette papers. There are even transparent rolling papes made out of it!
  • Corn/Starch: These kind of papers are effectively not used anymore. Rolling papers made out of this material are thicker and burn unevenly.

Normal king-size-papes or endless-rolls, bleached or unbleached, wide, narrow, extra thin or with a taste. You can choose between different brands like RAW, OCB, Greengo, Marie or Smoking in our well-assorted online-shop.

Filters and Tips: Indispensable for everyone who rolls their own!

Needless to say, we also offer a big selection of filters: Classic filter-tips made of paper in different, convenient sizes, simple or with a funny print. Jilter-Filters, that reduce the tar-intake. Rolls-Filters, that reduce tar and have a built-in cooling-system. Or Charcoal-Filters: ActiTubes in different sizes, that effectively reduce nicotine, tar and other harmful agents in the smoke.

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