Rolling Papers

Roll it, baby! Longpapes and endless rolls for every taste! 

Since hundreds of years, we are rolling all kinds of herbs into tobacco leaves and inhale the smoke that emerges while burning those "Cigars". Cigarette-paper to "roll-your-own" first came into the market beginning of the 20th century. These papers were initially produced out of wood, a very cheap commodity. For a long time, people rolled their cigarettes with these rather thick papers, and herb-lovers often fell back on bongs or pipes. Rolling paper started to develop only since the 1980s, they became thinner and longer.

The result are the "Slow-Burning"-long papes as we know them today, rolling papers that burn down comparatively slow and cool. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different rolling materials and sizes. Whatever your preference may be ? we offer you papes and tips of all kinds and shapes.

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