Screens for bongs - small appearance, big impact

The best bong won't help you if the smoking material falls down before you even start smoking. For all those who don?t use bowls with small punctures (the ashes slip into the bong water after smoking), sieves are indispensable. That's why we offer steel and glass bong screens in all sizes, screens to hang and screens to press into your bowl as well as sieve-stones in our online shop. You will never again have to improvise and make your own sieves or even do without smoking bong! With matching sieves, you can enjoy your water pipe stress-free and in peace.

Which sieve is best for your water pipe?

Basically, every smoker needs a screen if the opening in his bowl is so large that the smoking material would fall through when inhaling. In addition, the sieves should be chosen in the right size, so that they fit well into the bong slide.

  • Spoon screens: are made of steel and are available in many sizes. Thanks to a small handle they can be hung in the bowl and are very easy to take out and clean after smoking. Sturdy and reusable. Less suitable for tapered bowls, as they usually get stuck further up in the slide and thus reduce the filling volume. Can also be used for certain hand pipes made of glass.
  • Screens: consist of a thin steel net and are simply pressed into the shape of the head thanks to their flexibility. They are suitable for different shapes of slides but can be reused less often because the fine net quickly becomes clogged. These screens also fit many hand pipes.
  • Sieve stones: These glass stars are particularly suitable for conical bowls. They seal the hole in the bowls and prevent the smoking material from falling into the bong water, but at the same time, they let the smoke flow through wonderfully. In addition, glass is tasteless, easy to clean and a real eye-catcher on any water pipe.

Reusing bong screens

Of course, sieves can be used several times. After smoking, they should be scratched out. Steel sieves, especially spoon screens, can also be burnt to remove ash residues. If it?s time to put a new screen into your bong depends on the degree of soiling. On the one hand, the holes clog and on the other hand, the taste is falsified with time. If scratching out no longer leads to the desired result, it is time for a new screen. Glass sieve stones, on the other hand, can be cleaned again and again. Simply soak in professional bong cleaner or medical alcohol for a while, then wipe off – and the glass is as good as new.

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