Brushes & Cleansing Material

How to always have a clean, sparkly bong!

Every water pipe will get dirty, sticky and soiled over time. In order to be able to wash the bong simply and fast, a suitable cleaning agent is needed. We offer special bong cleaners as liquid or powder, brushes for chillums and water pipes, as well as corks for the carb hole. Don't make it difficult for yourself when it really is super easy to clean your glass or acrylic bong effortlessly and comfortably!

Clean bong, clean lung

You just need the right utensils and the best way to clean water pipes easily and stress-free!

Cleaning waterpipes in 5 easy steps:

  1. Remove individual parts and soak them in a bowl with water and detergent.
  2. Close openings (carb hole, ground joint) with corks.
  3. Fill the cleaning agent and water into the bong and soak for a shorter or longer time, depending on the degree of soiling, until the dirt in the water pipe dissolves.
  4. If necessary, scrub gently with the appropriate brushes to remove stubborn silt.
  5. Rinse carefully with water! Make sure that no residues of cleaning agents remain in the bong, as these can greatly falsify the taste and sometimes even cause an unpleasant effect.

Choosing the right cleaning agent:

  • Powder cleaning detergent: Works best when soaking the bong longer.
  • Alcohol-based cleaner: If used correctly, it allows cleaning without a brush in just a few minutes.
  • Anti-limescale after cleaning: Use regularly to avoid opaque glass and increased dirt deposits.
  • For acrylic pipes: Use a milder detergent to avoid unattractive discoloration.

Caution: No boiling water in your bong! Especially with thinner glass and bongs, which were not manufactured stress-free, boiling hot water can widen existing cracks and even lead to you pipe bursting.

Selecting the right brush:

  • For bong bowls: slides that don?t require a screen are best cleaned with thin pipe cleaners. Bowls with larger holes can also be cleaned with chillum brushes.
  • For chillums/downstems: Narrow brushes in short or long. The model with wool mop makes more thorough cleaning possible, is not suitable for particularly small holes though.
  • For bongs with a bowl: Wide (seldom also narrow), long brush with wool mop to get the bowl clean, too.
  • For bongs without a bowl: narrow or wide, long brush. With or without wool, depending on your wishes.
  • For bongs with ice pinch: Wide or narrow brush without wool mop to get past the ice notches.
  • For screens: Short, hard brush with metal bristles to clean and reuse bong screens.

Tip: Always rinse brushes thoroughly after using, to keep them clean, fluffy and sticky-free!

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