The final stage of plant breeding: The processing of the plant material

One of the most important moments for all growers is the completion of their grows. After the plants have grown and bloomed, professional harvesting, drying and processing are essential. So that nothing goes wrong during this last step, you can equip yourself with the right gear to achieve ideal results.

From useless leaves to delicate oil with extraction

We offervarious extractors to gain oil, shatter, wax, pollen or dust. The active ingredients get therefore washed or sieved out. A common method is the extraction through butane-gas or dimethyl-ether. Here, a suitable extractor out of plastic, glass, steel or with anodized coating, gets filled with plantmaterial and ran through with butane-gas, in which the active agents dissolve. The remaining BHO (Butan Hash Oil) gets cleaned from toxic remains of the gas using a vacuum-pump. Alternatively, a non-toxic dimethyl-ether like Dexso can be used, which achieves an outcome less pure but also it doesn?t have to get cleaned.

Also very popular is the extraction through ice-water. With this method, plantmaterial like flowers or petals first get cooled down in water and ice cubes.Like that, the resin trichomes solidify, allowing them to get filtered. After the plantmaterial reaches icy temperatures, it first gets sieved very roughly, then filtered through different strainers until the outcome is very fine. When it has dried, it becomes a fine dust that can also be pressed.

Pollen- and rosin-presses guaranteeing the highest quality standard

With a press for keef like the Piecemaker, dust can easily be pressed into handy, compact disks. The press simply needs to be opened, filled with material and subsequently closed very firmly. The more pressure is getting applied, the more compact and tight will be the outcome. Heat also contributes to this process, so it is a good idea to place the press on a heater while using it. Due to the simple but effective design, those presses are almost indestructible, easy to dismember and to clean.

A different type of presses are the rosin-presses by Jack Puck, which are mainly used to press flowers. They work with heat and pressure (up to 8 tons) and produce a pure plant extract in a short time, without any residues from extraction.

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