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Storage, Bags & Cases

Neat and discrete Packaging and Storage

Anyone who really looks after their herb, pays heed to an optimal care. Stored in perfect conditions, they will stay fresh and juicy for a long time. That's why we offer you a huge variety of baggies, wooden boxes, glass jars, vacuum sealed containers, tobacco pouches and digital scales.

Bags'n'Baggies for on the go

For everyone who loves it oldschool, we provide regular baggies in many different sizes. If you are looking for more resistant bags, the NoaksBags are the perfect choice for you. Those zip-lock-bags are 100% air- and waterproof and can be reused many times. Furthermore, there are opaque ironing-bags, which can be cut into the needed size and shape, and closed with an iron oder hairstraightener. They are also smellproof.

Boxes, Jars, Containers for maxmium freshness

Benefit from a suitable storage of your herbs in a closed container . Like that, they don't dry out and keep their aroma. And shelter them from heat and sunlight, to prevent any damage! If you prefer a glass, jar or wooden box however, is your decision of course.

  • Glass Jars: Due to its tasteless surface, glass is a perfect material to store herbs or tobacco.
  • Vacuum-sealed Containers: In one of those air-tight jars, the oxidation-process is being held low, so the dacay of important ingredients gets minimized. If you pick a tinted one, or one with a solid colour, you won?t even have to worry about keeping it out of the sunlight.
  • Boxes: Compact and handy are the different plastic- and metalboxes. Small tins to take with you, or a box for pre-rolled cigarettes- you choose!
  • Wooden Boxes: For everyone, who loves to have an all-in-one, those wooden boxes are the optimal option. They have a lot of space for smoking accessories, and contain a removable rollingtray. Those Boxes are made out of high-quality birch wood, glazed from the outside and polished from the inside.

Order precise Digital Scales online

You want to be sure? With one of the scales from our online shop, you will never have to guess again! From basic models with one digit (0,1) to highly precise micro scales that go up to three digits (0,001), you can find any scale you need.

Which one is the right scale for me?

  • For small amounts, more precise scales with a low maximum weight are suitable.
  • For big amounts, scales with a high maximum weight and smaller precision work well.
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