Growtables & Pots

The basis of happy hemp plants - grow pots and tables

A vital part in the planning of any grow is the selection of the right size of the grow pot. For the plants to grow vigorously, you need a healthy root environment. In addition, the size of the pot can influence the size of the adult plant to a certain extent. And to prevent flooding in your growroom, you will also need a suitable trivet or grow table.

The optimal grow pot size

When choosing the right pot size for indoor cultivation, the dimensions of the grow tent or the available space must be taken into account. How many plants do you want to accommodate? For example: in a grow box with the dimensions 120 x 120cm you can fit 3 x 3 = 9 pieces of the 20 litre Venti pots. The size of the pots can also affect the size of the plant. If the pot is too small, the plant will stagnate during growth. However, this does not mean that giant pots also lead to giant plants!

The health of the plants is dependent on their roots and a healthy root environment. In a pot of the right size, the soil is well rooted, but not completely surrounded by roots. That way the plant still has freedom and enough space to unfold. The pots in which the plants are grown should therefore be chosen with care.

Many growers choose to gradually repot their plants into larger pots. As a result, the plants form a strong, compact root area that gives them stability and guarantees a healthy absorption of nutrients and water. To see if a plant has rooted through its pot and is ready for the next pot size, look at the bottom of the pot. It's time when a lot of the roots come out of the soil. However, since re-potting causes stress for the plants, others often prefer to put their plants directly into the large grow pot. However, the first pot (for germination and cultivation) should always be small and give your plants the opportunity to establish strong roots.


The right trays or grow tables

In order to ensure oxygen supply to the roots and to prevent the plant from "drowning", the pot must be able to drain off excess water. Either you can place your plants on suitable trivets that collect the water.

Alternatively, you can opt for a grow table on which you can place all your plants together. With these you can also use a grow rack to place the table on. This way the plants are better protected against temperature fluctuations near the ground or crawling insects. In addition, space is created underneath the grow rack for accessories such as water tanks while the plants are kept at a more comfortable height for maintenance.

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