Optimum room climate for your grow

Proper ventilation is essential for indoor cultivation. In order to supply the plants with fresh air and to minimize odor pollution, a well regulated exhaust air, circulating air and supply air are required. The right fans, active charcoal filters and humidifiers help you to control the climate in the grow box and create ideal conditions for the plants to flourish.

Why is ventilation so important for indoor growers?

In the wild, the wind ensures a constant exchange of air, so that new, CO2-rich air constantly reaches the plants and they can grow vigorously. In indoor plant cultures we have to consider several factors:

  1. Plants require carbon dioxide to grow and photosynthesize while simultaneously releasing oxygen. Therefore they always need fresh air, and at the same time the used air has to be removed continuously.
  2. The plants release water through the leafs to prevent overheating. This transpiration increases the humidity of the air, which raises the risk of mould growth in tents that lack good ventilation.
  3. Many grow lights such as sodium vapour lamps generate excess heat in the grow room. To lower the temperature, the warm air must be reliably transported to the outside. In order to avoid hotspots under the lamp, the air inside the room should also be distributed sufficiently.
  4. A light breeze that gently moves the plants from time to time enhances their resistance and strengthens the trunks.

What you need for ideal ventilation

Fans are the be-all and end-all of any ventilation system.

  • Outtake fans are used for the exhaust air: they suck the old air out of the growroom and direct it to the outside.
  • Normal circulation fans provide the necessary breeze in the growroom.
  • Occasionally you also need a supply air. If a vacuum forms in the tent and the sides are pulled inwards, you need a supply air fan that blows air into the cabinet from the outside.

Reducing odor development during plant cultivation

An activated carbon filter with a matching pre-filter minimizes odor pollution. Simply mounted in front of the exhaust fan, the outgoing air flows through the filter and is cleared of any smell before it leaves the growbox. In addition, targeted odor neutralization such as Ona can be used to completely eliminate unwanted scents.

Have a quiet grow box

Especially in larger systems with powerful fans, the noise can quickly become very unpleasant. In order to reduce the noise pollution of ventilators, the use of sound-absorbing air tubes is recommended. If you want to reduce the sound even more effectively, you can also use a silencer. Integrated into the ventilation system, such a noise damper absorbs the noise of the ventilation particularly effectively.

Controlled climate at all times

Automatic regulation of the ventilation system saves you time and effort. With the right controllers, you can optimally regulate ventilation, temperature, humidity, vacuum and other factors in the grow unit without having to intervene yourself.

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