Get freaky: bong slides in all shapes and sizes

Whether you want to level up your bong with a new bowl or are searching for a replacement for a broken slide: we offer a large variety of high-quality glass, metal and wooden bong bowls in our online shop. Plain or colorful bowls, small or big bowls with a screen or a small hole: you decide which smoke style is best for you. Beginners and pros alike will find a suitable bowl among our selection of bowls from different brands, in various styles and on all price levels.

Which bowl fits my bong?

Glass-to-glass fittings on bongs usually come in normed sizes, for which you can find fitting spare parts. That means, bowls with an 18,8 mm ground joint only fit on water pipes with the same size. Whoever wants to combine different sized glass-to-glass fittings can use a suitable adapter or a downstem, that reduces from 18,8 mm to 14,5 mm.

  • bongs with a 12,5 mm ground joint are rare: only on small dab-rigs and bubblers
  • small waterpipes regularly have a 14,5 mm ground joint
    normal sized, as well as big bongs, usually come with an 18,8 mm glass-to-glass fitting
  • the giant among all ground joints: 29,9 mm, often including a percolator downstem
  • synthetic bongs mostly have metallic downstems with bowls to screw on
  • acrylic bongs from KrassDesign have 18,8 mm metallic ground joints, which you can equip with either metallic or glass slides

Colorful glass bowls for water pipes

You get to choose whether you prefer a bowl with a screen or without. Slides that have a small puncture can be used without screens: after the tobacco is burned, the ashes fall down into the bong-water. You don't have to clean your bong every time after smoking anymore, however, the water inside your bong gets dirty much quicker. For those who don?t want to use a screen but still wish to keep their bong-water clean for a longer time period, we recommend taking advantage of an ash-catcher or pre-cooler.

Whether you choose a tiny or a huge bowl, with multicolored glass or one that just gets the job done: You can buy the best glass slides in our online store!

  • Kopfsache: low-priced slides in all sizes, simple or colorful, no screens needed
  • Plaisir: pretty glass bowls with patterns in vibrant colors, without screens
  • G-Spot: flat, colored bowls with laboratory glass-to-glass fittings, no screens required
  • Zenit: unique slides with artistic details and laboratory glass-to-glass-fittings, without screens
  • Hurricane: elegant glass bowls in all variations, with laboratory ground joints
  • Roor: high-quality glass slides with laboratory glass-to-glass fittings, screens required
  • KrassDesign: metallic bong slides without screens
  • ActiTube: wooden bowls, either to slide or to screw on, including screens
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