Aclassic that never goes out of style- from glass- and acrylic bongs of all kinds to handmade, individual pieces

If you choose a bong, you choose a laid-back, uncomplicated way of smoking. To be able to meet all our customers wishes, we offer a comprehensive assortment of pipes and bongs. You get to pick between a lot of regular glassbongs in all sizes and shapes, by renowned producers like Grace Glass, Black Leaf or Breitseite. For enthusiasts and collectors, we keep handmade singletons as well as timeless classics by Hurricane, Roor, G-Spot or Zenit in stock. If you want to take your bong everywhere, you will definitely find your new companion among our robust acrylic bongs from KrassDesign. And for the next festival, we also have the perfect plastic-bong.

Which one ist he best bong for you?

  • Shape and Size: The height and shape influences the smoke- and watercapacity. The bigger the bong, the stronger you have to inhale. More water filters the smoke more effectively. If you want to add an ash-catcher or pre-cooler, you should choose a bong with a low center of gravity, to avoid tipping over.
  • Material: Glass is tasteless, feels nice on the skin and is easy to clean. Whoever handles their bong with a little less care, however, should also consider, that (espescially thin) glass sometimes breaks. Plastic is more resilient and is more convenient on-the-go. If you regularly use your acylic bong, get yourself a KrassDesign, for easy cleaning and to avoid bad taste.
  • Thickness: The thicker the material, the more sturdy the bong.
  • Diameter: The more convenient diameter of 18,8 mm is the standard-size for glassbongs. It has the advantage of having the widest selection of fitting accessories. Also very common are 14,5 mm. Rarely you find very thick (29,2 mm) or very thin (12,5 mm) ones. High-quality acrylic bongs like the JetStream or the Masterpiece also contain standard diameters where you can also fit glassbowls. Regular plastic bongs have bowls to screw on.
  • Kickhole: The hole in most of the bongs allows you to suck fresh air into the bong after smoking. Its position variees between different manufacturers.
  • Icebongs: Many bongs also have special notches, where you can put ice-cubes that won't fall into the bong-water. The smoke goes through the ice and gets thereby cooled down and moistened.
  • Percolator: Percolators are mostly filigree pre-coolers in glass-bongs. They inhance, once filled with water, the efficiency of the water as a filter, and ensure a smooth, chilled smoke.
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