With your new herb mill, you won't have to do laborious handwork ever again!

A grinder is used for milling any herbs or tobacco and is especially suitable for convenient preparation of your smoking material. These manually worked herb mills, also called crushers, facilitate the grinding of any plant material and are easy to handle. Equipped with sharp teeth, the grinder just needs to be filled with your favorite herbs, then twisted contrarotating until the herbs are ready to use. You will never ever have sticky fingers again- with a suitable grinder for your personal preference you will totally crush it!

Make it last: aluminum grinders for more durability and comfort

We offer you 2-piece-grinders as well as herb grinders with four parts. The more compact ones with two pieces fit in every pocket and are super simple to use. The rather sophisticated crushers with four divisions, additionally contain a fine screen, which separates the pollen from the plant material. This powder or "keef" gets collected in the lowest part of the herb mill, where you can also store it throughout the use.

All our aluminum grinders contain a strong magnet, that holds the cap in place to avoid that your grinder opens up in your bag. Aluminum is excellent for cleaning, and, if properly taken care of, often has a life-long durability thanks to its immunity to corrosion.

Beyond that, the SLX grinder is particularly interesting: Due to its ceramic-coating, almost none of the milled herb-material sticks to the surface. This ensures that the interior stays clean and the grinder will run smoothly for a long time.

For all enthusiasts, who regularly prepare herbs or tobacco for smoking, an aluminum grinder is the perfect option. You get to choose between different, reliable manufacturers such as SLX, Green Jay, Black Leaf or Greengo and can also pick your prefered size, color, and design.

Take me anywhere: acrylic grinders to go

Plastic grinders definitely are the cheapest herb mill option, but they achieve respectable results nevertheless. The teeth of those herb grinders are extremely sharp, but wear down much quicker compared to aluminum ones. Acrylic grinders are light-weight and robust which makes them super comfortable to use on-the-go and easy to carry. Of course, you can select your favorite color among the colorful models of Krass Design and Volcano.

Back to the roots: wooden grinders on a new level

Wooden herb mills were widespread and used by many smokers back in the day. In the last years, they got overrun by plastic- and metal grinders though, due to the mostly poor workmanship of the wooden models. Our Cannamix grinders, on the other hand, are professional and high-grade, achieving beautiful results with their strong metal-teeth. The wood is groomed with special, plant-based oil to keep it soft and avoid warping. Like that, the Canamix-mills are reliable, aesthetic and totally natural.

You choose

Whether you prefer aluminum, with or without ceramic-coating, wood or plastic, small, medium or big: we have the perfectly matching grinder for your personal needs and wishes in our online shop.

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