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Germination & Cultivation

Germinate seeds and cultivate cuttings successfully

In our online shop for grow products and grow accessories you will find everything you need to germinate and grow your favorite plant properly. Growers who want to cultivate their hemp plant from cuttings or prefer to use cannabis seeds from renowned seed banks should not work without special sprouting and growing equipment. In order for your seeds to sprout properly, the right heat, water, light and oxygen conditions must be maintained. Check out the following section to find out which equipment is best for your grow project.

Why cannabis clones need a greenhouse

Fresh Cuttings need a lot of moisture because they did not develop roots yet and are therefore best cultivated in a greenhouse. With a constant humidity of 70% - 80% (airing recommended), the clones of the mother plant need up to 2 weeks until they start to develop roots. Urban gardeners who want to grow their hemp plant from seeds must make sure that the seeds do not dry out under any circumstances. A greenhouse provides the necessary moisture and the seeds will usually start to germinate after 2 to 3 days.

Boost your clone production with a greenhouse

Apropagator enables the controlled cultivation of young cannabis plants and creates the right conditions so that cuttings will develop roots.

The proper supplies for growing your clones and seedlings:

  • Breeding trays & coasters: Multi-pot coasters are ideal for transporting and also can serve you as a working area for pricking small cuttings or propagating your cuttings.
  • Lighting: With the right lighting unit, your indoor greenhouses can be used independently of the time of day. The light spectrum is optimized for young plants and accelerates germination and plant growth enormously.
  • Growing stations: We offer heated greenhouses for the windowsill, especially for rearing. The electric heating shells are already integrated.
  • Greenhouse kits: Of course you don't have to buy the grow supplies for your indoorplant propagator separately. In our online shop, you can choose from numerous tropical greenhouses in different sizes.

For seasoned professionals: The Romberg Maximus 3.0 propagator

Growers with high demands will be utterly satisfied with Romberg's all-in-one greenhouse. The Maximus 3.0 contains everything that plant lovers need for professional growing and rearing. The included grow accessories such as the digital timer ("HortiSwitch"), heating mat (30W), waterproof fan and two fluorescent tubes (24W) provide ideal growing conditions and allow maximum root formation. Standing proud at 27 cm, the glasshouse provides cuttings with enough space to develop sufficiently. The tray offers room for 77 coconuttabs and is placed on the shell bottom, which is optimized for heat conduction. You can order this Romberg greenhouse for high-quality germination and rearing via our online shop for grow supplies.

Tabs, plugs & trays for proper growth during the germination phase

Cultivators who want to germinate their seeds as effectively as possible also need tabs, plugs and trays specially designed for sprouting and cultivation. Growers who plant multiple clones or seedlings at the same time should use plugs, because they ensure a higher uniformity of the cannabis plants. Plug trays such as Eazy Plug are available in packs of 24, 77 or 150 pieces in our online grow shop.

Perfect root development with heating mats

Seedlings and cuttings enjoy a warm climate at all times. Clones prefer between 25 and 26 degrees so that they can form strong roots and seeds germinate best at 24 degrees. Therefore, we strongly recommend the purchase of a heating mat. This is the only way to ensure the optimal temperature for your young plants. Of course, you can bet on your luck during the summer, but growers who want to be on the safe side will definitely need a heating device. The investment is definitely worth it! Heating mats are available in different sizes and are placed underneath the greenhouse. We also have special heating mats for indoor cultivation, which also fit easily into grow tents. Although cuttings and seedlings love the warm climate, they should not be heated permanently. To control the temperatures of your greenhouse or cultivation tent, we recommend the purchase of a digital thermostat such as the Romberg "HortiSwitch" or the BioGreen Thermo 2 as well as a suitable waterproof heating cable.

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