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Rely on over 20 years of experience in the production of cuttings and seedlings

As pioneers in plant breeding, the Bushplanet paved the way for the commercial production of cannabis plants in Austria. We launched the country's first clones sale in 1998, in the Esterhzygasse in Vienna. Over time, our initial business premises have grown into the largest hemp company in Austria, the grow shop of your trust. Nowadays we offer hemp plants at three different locations, providing our customers with the best quality and exclusive genetics.

Enjoy our service and let us do the work of fostering your baby-plants

Do you tackle the most delicate phase of cannabis cultivation yourself and grow your plants directly from the seeds? Or do you even propagate cuttings yourself? If so, then you are probably not a beginner.

But not only beginners, also professionals can benefit from our diverse range of cannabis plants! If you save yourself the tedious cultivation of seeds or cuttings, you will automatically save a lot of time and equipment. So instead of worrying about a newborn cannabis plant during the first complex weeks of its life, leave the work to us! This way you can easily integrate the young plants into your grow environment and start with your own plant cultivation immediately. Depending on your personal preference, we offer either clones or seedlings to decorate your own four walls with healthy, green young plants.

Clone or seedling: What is the difference?

Cuttings / Clones

  • Cuttings are cut off from mother plants. This means that several side shoots are clipped from a large, growing hemp plant and are then rooted in small plugs.
  • As they are 100% female, hermaphrodites can be excluded with these plants. Therefore no seeds can be produced.
  • Clones of the same mother plant grow homogeneous, because they have the exact same DNA and consequently the exact same characteristics.
  • In cuttings the leaves grow in a staggered rhythm.


  • Seedlings are grown from seeds. This means that a cannabis seed is brought to germination in a cultivation cube and takes root there until it grows into a small plant.
  • In these plants the growth pattern can differ even within the same variety, as different phenotypes occur.
  • Seedlings from regular seeds can be either female or male, feminised seeds yield female cannabis plants.
  • The leaves of seedlings always grow in pairs.

Our locations for hemp plants at a glance:

  1. The Bushplanet Clones Shop can be found where our story began over 20 years ago: in the basement of Esterhzygasse 34 in Vienna's sixth district. Here you will find the finest clones of mother plants, selected by our experienced growers themselves.
  2. Our location Citygrow at Margaretenstrasse 121, 1050 Wien is thebiggest grow shopin Vienna. In addition to a comprehensive selection of grow equipment, the most exquisite seedlingsfrom ourPlantcity andcuttingsfrom our Clones shop are available here.
  3. The PlantCity is located in Vsendorf next to Bushplanet GrowCity and Distribution. This is where connoisseurs will find a unique collection of handpicked cannabis seedlings from carefully selected varieties.

Online dispatch of hemp plants

Our young cannabis plants can only be bought in our branches, we do not send plants by mail.

Why? Because we love our plants.

The usually rather rough transport by mail would cause a lot of stress for the young plants and weaken them. In the worst case the hemp plants would be treated improperly, damaged or crushed on delivery. Since the needs of our customers are our top priority and the best service is just good enough for you, we do notoffer delivery.

On the one hand, we want to give you the opportunity to inspect the plants on site before you purchase. This gives you the freedom to choose your protgs according to your own preferences and, in case of doubt, to be advised by our experienced staff. On the other hand, you can then take your plants home with the necessary care.

Vienna: Clones. Cuttings made by professionals.

What are you waiting for? Allow yourself to be enticed by the most modern genetics from our own selection and get closer to your dream of the perfect hemp plants.

Sizes & prices of the cuttings

At this location our customers will find only the finest cannabis cuttings, also called clones.

The plants are available in three different sizes and price categories. Mini cuttings are available in wedges for € 7.50, medium-sized young plants are available in cubes for € 10. Since the cultivation plugs and cubes are organic and therefore decompose gradually, they are compatible with all cultivation systems and substrates. From soil to coconut or hydroponics, the choice is all yours.

In addition, the Clones shop offers hemp plants that have already grown large in a 2-litre pot for € 25,-. All small or big cannabis clones that you can buy here have already established a good root system and can be planted directly into your garden/grow tent.

Varieties & Genetics

The genetics that are available in the store vary constantly, but there are usually between five and ten different strains available. If you are flexible, you can choose from plants in multiple sizes and varieties that are ready to be taken home directly.

However, you may prefer to select strains from the available mother-genetics and pre-order the number of plants that suits you best. We recommend that you visit the Clones shop in person to consult with our competent team and to deliberate your personal wishes.

Mother plants & selection

All our clones are propagated directly on site and grow and thrive under ideal conditions. With love and craftsmanship, our growers select the mother plants from which our cuttings are later clipped. The seeds from which our mother plants are raised are not feminised but regular. The resulting females are more robust and durable than their feminized counterparts. After all, only absolutely healthy, strong and resistant cannabis plants meet the requirements to become mother plants.

Selected Growshop assortment

Besides hemp cuttings, the clones shop also offers a limited assortment of exclusive grow equipment. Fertilizer and nutrients are available solely in certified organic quality, many of them also produced regionally. The other grow gear you can buy at this location is especially designed for energy efficiency and sustainability. From exclusive LED lights and smart irrigation solutions, you will find everything you need for smart plant cultivation.

Vienna: CityGrow, the bestgrow equipment and cannabis plants

Seedlings or clones? We have them all! In our huge grow shop in the middle of Vienna (Margaretenstrasse 121, 1050 Wien) you canfreely choose between countless cannabis varieties. From modern classics to unique rarities, the CityGrow has everything that makes growers happy!

Which cannabis strains are available at CityGrow?

Choose your favourite strain from all the cannabis seeds available at CityGrow. Upon request, these are then planted for you and grown under ideal conditions for three weeks. After these three weeks the young plants are ready for pick up. The growing medium we use are Eazy Blocks, which are compatible with all growing substrates, even hydroponic systems. This means that you can later plant the plants in any desired substrate and integrate them into any cultivation system.

For those who would don't want to wait for 3 weeks,CityGrow also has a selection of plants in stock at all times. Since our seedlings and clones menu changes regularly, it is a good idea to simply drop by and have a look.

Cultivation of the cannabis seedlings

The LED lights under which we grow the hemp seedlings at CityGrow are from the Sanlight Q6W series and provide excellent lighting for the delicate seedlings in the first weeks of life.

The propagation of our cannabis plants always takes place at the ideal temperature and humidity for seedlings, and the young plants are placed on flood tables to guarantee optimal irrigation. This ensures that when you pick them up, the seedlings have taken root vigorously and are ready for you to place them in the growing medium.

Exclusive service at fair prices

Our "planting service" costs you only € 4,-. You pay the normal price for the seed you choose plus a € 4,- surcharge, so that we can plant the seed, let it germinate and raise it for three weeks until the plant is ready for you to take home. The offer is valid starting at € 10,-.

If you have any questions about the prices or our service, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team - we look forward to seeing you in our CityGrow branch!

One store for everything!

We wouldn't be the best grow shop in Vienna if we didn't provide a comprehensive range of grow equipment for you. Fortunately, the CityGrow has everything you need for your own home grow. From grow tents, soils and substrates to fertilizers in all variations, professional lighting, irrigation and ventilation, our assortment at CityGrow offers the largest selection of grow gear in the area. No matter how you want to grow your plants, you will find exactly the right equipment for your purposes.

Vsendorf/Brunn am Gebirge: PlantCity. Hemp seedlings in best quality.

The largest selection of seedlings that Vienna and its surroundings have to offer! Discover a wide and diverse range of cannabis strains growing for you at PlantCity.

A licence to grow cannabis

The large warehouse, which hosts our largest plant nursery, is located in the industrial area in Brunn am Gebirge/Vsendorf. Countless cannabis seedlings grow here and are cared for by our experienced growers with the utmost attention and care. For our customers there are more than 20 different varieties waiting at PlantCity. Since we place particular emphasis on the most modern, authentic genetics, the assortment is variable and always adapted to the current demand.

Cannabis genetics: We fulfil your every wish.

You can make it easy for yourself and come and visit our store in person. There is a large quantity and diverse selection of vigorous, young seedlings in stock, that you can just choose, buy and take with you.

And if there are not the right plants for you in stock, don't worry! Our largest grow shop is not far away. Just two halls down the road, you can choose from hundreds of different varieties of seeds in the GrowCity to find the strains that perfectly suit your taste! For a small extra charge, we will be happy to transform any cannabis seeds you have bought in the GrowCity into beautiful plants in the PlantCity.

We guarantee the seedlings a first-class environment in our nursery until they have developed strong roots and are ready for planting. After 14 to 17 days you can ultimately pick up your very own personal cannabis plants.

Prices la Carte

The prices of our seedlings at PlantCity are made up of different components such as the variety, quantity and size of the plants. The cheaper option are seedlings in small wedges, larger plants are sold in cubes.

To get more detailed information about our price conditions, we kindly ask you to come to the store in person. There you can coordinate your wishes and ideas with our trained team, that is happy to accept individual inquiries as well. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and therefore always strive to find tailor-made solutions for you.

How do the seedlings grow in the PlantCity?

Our seedlings grow and thrive in sophisticated systems. The ideally equipped cultivation rooms are physically separated from their surroundings so that the seedlings grow under the best protected conditions. CMH lampsand Sanlight LEDs give them the energy they need to develop a strong root system and become robust and resilient. All plants in PlantCity are placed on grow tables that are regularly watered. This type of irrigation ensures ideal humidity in the root environment, which is extremely important for plants in the start-up phase.

The Bushplanet - just buy from friends!

Thanks to the experience we have gained as a company over the last 20+ years, we can now provide you with the finest cannabis plants the market has to offer. As we are looking back on our time in the cannabis industry with pride and gratitude, we want to assure you: We have the finest genetics, the largest selection and the best service when it comes to cannabis plants in Austria, now and in the future.

Cannabis Plants

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