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CBD Hemp Tea: Naturally Effective

Calm down and unwind: Treat yourself to true relaxation with our delicious hemp teas. Find restful sleep and recharge your batteries for the hurdles and exertions of everyday life.

The positive properties of the cannabis plant have been appreciated in naturopathy for thousands of years. With hot infusions of aromatic herbs we still profit from the hemp leaves, flowers and stems until today. Whether with or without CBD, in this category you will find a selection of hemp teas and aromatic herbs for more serenity, well-being and peace.

If you would like to know more about the properties and application of our hemp teas, you can read more below.

Hemp Tea: How to use it!

Hemp tea hardly differs from normal tea in its application. The cannabis leaves and flowers are brewed with boiling water so that the aroma can best unfold. After about 5 minutes of seething, the hemp infusion acquires a beautiful, deep green colour and its typical, bitter-floral aroma. If the hemp is left to soak longer in hot water, a slightly bitter note develops.

Benefit from the valuable active ingredients of the hemp plant

If you want to take advanted of the hemp plant's full potential, you also want to get a hold of the contained oils. A small part of the oils, to which a health effect is ascribed, is dissolved from the hemp plants by dousing them with boiling water. However, in order to obtain as many of these oils as possible, their properties must be taken into account:

  1. The contained oils or cannabinoids like CBD are fat-soluble, not water-soluble.
  2. In order to be made available, they must be able to bind to a fat.
  3. A vegetable oil (coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil,...) can be added to an infusion with hot water to dissolve the oils contained in the vegetable fibres.
  4. Alternatively, the oils can also dissolve in hot milk containing fat.

The full potential of hemp, without any buzz

You don't have to be afraid of an intoxicating effect with our THC-poor hemp teas and herbal mixtures. On the other hand, hemp flowers and leaves are said to have properties that bring digestion and blood pressure into balance, provide relaxation and relieve pain. Rich in minerals and trace elements, hemp teas can provide valuable inorganic nutrients.

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