Smoking Accessories

Enjoy yourself with these cool accesories for rolling and smoking

In this category, we offer you many different smoking accessories. Whether you are looking for a cool rolling tray, want to clean your water pipe properly or need the perfect lighter to light your bong: here you will find everything you need. Browse through our wide selection of clippers, rolling machines, ashtrays and more andfind the new must-have item for your collection.

There is no use to the best bong if you don't have a lighter!

That's why we offer you a huge variety of Clipper-Lighters, from plain to fancy. Those so-called "bong-lighters" are long-lasting, because they are robust and shockproof, the flint can be renewed and they are refillable. Flints, butane gas to refill and clipper-stands for collectors are available too, of course.

Rolling trays for gutter-free rolling-fun

So that you can always stay relaxed, rolling trays and mixing bowls are the perfect equipment to keep your herbs in place. All needed utensils for rolling can be stored on a rolling tray, and you won?t have to make a mess while rolling. Mixing bowls are ideal for mixing and crushing different herbs or tobacco, without spilling any of it.

Need help with rolling?

If you want to achieve flawless results, you can use the ConeArtist. It helps to create impeccable tapered cigarettes at any time!
For everyone who doesn?t love to roll-their-own, there is a nother option. A rolling-machine is super-easy to use and liberates chilled smokers from any annoying handwork.

Sophisticated smoke-experience with a classic ashtray

Details matter. That?s the reason we want to provide the fitting glass- or crystal-ashtray for you: Ashtrays with motives embedded in the glass, glass-ashtrays by ROOR or luxurious crystal-ashtrays by Raware obtainable in our online-store.

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