About us

We offer our customers both hemp plants from our own breeding and hemp seeds from the world's leading cannabis seed companies such as Paradise Seeds, Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, White Label, Humboldt Seeds, Green House, Dinafem and many more. In our growshop you can also find all equipment and accessories for indoor and outdoor cultivation: From lighting, ventilation, soil, substrates and fertilizers to tents and gardener's supplies, we have everything a grower needs for successful germination and cultivation, a strong vegetative phase and beautiful, thick flowers. In our headshop, on the other hand, smokers can provide themselves with everything they need. Whether chic bongs in many amazing designs, rolling papers in all variations or the newest vaporizers: Everyone will find what they are looking for! In addition, you can explore all kinds of CBD products such as flowers, crystals, pastes or oils among our wide range of Aromakult products.

Hemp - a plant that means the world to us.

In April 1998, the journey of our hemp plants began in the basement of Esterhazygasse. As the country's first hemp-cuttings sale, we paved the way for the commercial production of THC-free cannabis plants in Austria. Three years later, the "Bushplanet Kingsize Growshop" was established at the same location, where all the necessary products for growers could finally be purchased in one place.

After an exciting and eventful development, the gardening department of Bushplanet blossomed again: In March 2010 the Grow City in Brunn am Gebirge was opened, and a few months later the Kingsize Growshop in Vienna moved from Esterhazygasse to Mariahilferstraße 115, now named City Grow. From 2012 to 2013, seed plants were available for the first time in our Growcery. Subsequently, the Bushplanet grow-galaxy expanded again in October 2016. Until today, a wide range of seedlings is available in the Plant City, obtained from original seeds of the leading seedbanks Dinafem, Humboldt Seeds and Paradise Seeds.

Grow according to your own ideas!

Thanks to our wide selection, hobby gardeners and professionals can decide for themselves how they want to grow. From simple complete solutions up to ingenious, completely individualized systems everything is possible. You choose whether you want to grow on soil, coconut or hydro. We offer liquid fertilizers and solid fertilizers from Advanced Hydro, Aptus, Canna, Hesi or Plagron, so that you and your plants stay happy and healthy.

Bushplanet glows in the dark!

We like to shine when it comes to lighting. Whether you want to grow your ladies under LED lights or prefer an HPS, whether you want to combine your lamps with ballast and reflector yourself or simply install a complete kit, remains open to you. But don't worry, with over 20 years of experience, we will be happy to assist you and advise you competently about all the information provided by the manufacturers of our products. Like this, no questions remain unanswered and your grow will soon shine in the brightest light.

Where a fresh wind blows ...

Our growshops are equipped with a wide range of ventilation systems to ensure fresh air always. We provide the ideal fan and matching tubes for your system. And for a more discrete grow, we offer activated carbon filtersfor pure air and sound absorbers against grow-noise. You've come to the right place, if you are looking for fresh air and a perfect climate.

Always stay wet! Plant watering at the highest level.

In our Growshop, beginners, as well as advanced growers, will find the perfect watering system for their needs. Complete kits offer an easy way to get started quickly and relaxed. Simplify your life with drip irrigation or AutoPots. Pumps and hoses, connecting parts, tanks, accessories and more complete our offer, so that also individual systems can be created and adapted to personal ideas.

The Vienna Headshop with history

We are proud to present to you our Bushplanet Headshop. It was first opened in 1999, and has been located at Esterhazygasse 32-34 ever since. Here, we offer our customers an extensive selection of bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, transport bags and much more. Everything you may or may not need for smoking, exclusively in our store and online shop.

Blazing or vaping, what will it be?

For us, tradition and vision go hand in hand. We take the time to continuously update our headshop assortment and always equip it with the most modern products. That way, bong classics like Hurricane, Krass Design's Jetstream and Roor's Little Sista have to share their space with vaporizer innovations like the ones from PAX, Storz and Bickel or Da Vinci. You don't want to decide whether to smoke or vape? You're welcome to enjoy the best of both worlds, no one is judging you.

In our CBD-store we offer CBD-containing products made from pure hemp, biodynamically cultivated at Waldviertel. For our crystals, pastes or drops, the entire plants are used, to extract all their ingredients in the best way possible

Oil and dabbing at Bushplanet.

In addition to all classic smoking products, we also have a wide selection of BHO extractors and oil presses, as well as oil rigs and pens for dabbing and oil accessories such as dabbers or storage jars for wax.

Bushplanet Distribution: A brand that goes around the world

Since its first important steps in 2004, our wholesale grew steadily. With the opening of Grow City in Brunn am Gebirge, our distribution also moved to this location, where it was able to develop and establish itself. Today we are one of the leading wholesalers in the hemp sector and can look back on 15 years of experience in logistics and shipping. We are always happy to cooperate productively with our wholesale partners and have an extensive distribution at our disposal. Our customers can rely on our well-rehearsed, experienced team.

Cannabis on the move! Enlighten, experience, profit.

The Bushplanet has always been active in fighting for the recognition of cannabis in society and politics. Be it the support and organization of the first "Hanffeuer" demonstrations in Vienna, the participation in the Hanf-Wandertag or the active participation in the Cultiva hemp-expo: With conviction and driving force we are an important part of nowadays hemp-scene.

The Bushplanet in full bloom with the Hempembassy

In the same location where the Bushplanet made its first babysteps in 1997, the Hemp Embassy opened its gates in 2015. Here, flowering hemp plants were exhibited under strict conditions. The aim of our Hempembassy is to encourage the dialogue on cannabis and create awareness with both supporters and opponents, and to promote productive use of cannabis as well as a sensible regulation of hemp culture. The opening of a new, expanded Hempembassy at a new location is to come.

Aromakult: CBD products in all variations

In our CBD-store we offer CBD-containing products made from pure hemp, biodynamically cultivated at Waldviertel. For our crystals, pastes or drops, the entire plants are used, to extract all their ingredients in the best way possible.

Bushplanet – a way of life

Beyond our products, we embody an attitude towards life at Bushplanet. We count and rely on trust, on the exchange with our customers, with you. Do you still have questions about us and our company? Come by one of our locations, drink a delicious coffee or an ice-cold all i need icetea with us and let our team inform you.

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