Never without filtertips ever again!

It has not always been that common to use filters when rolling a cigarette. Nowadays however, those filtertips are a constant component of the smoking culture.

  • Filters simplify the rolling of shapely cigarettes
  • The airflow can be improved with a solid filter
  • Cigarettes can burn down evenly, which enhances an ideal smoke development
  • Roll-up cigarettes with filters can be smoked until the end
  • Smoking is more hygienic with a filtertip

Cardboard-tips, cellulose-, glass- or charcoalfilter?

  • Filtertips made of paper are primarily used to avoid any remains of tobacco in your mouth. The cardboard just gets rolled into a cone and placed in front of the tobacco. You can decide, which width and lenght the filter should have, of course.
  • Jilter- and Rolls-Filter reduce the intake of pollutants and condensate, that build up during the burning process. Jilters are getting combined with cardboard-filters, Rolls include a cooling-system in addition. Besides, they are barely bigger than regular filtertips.
  • Activated charcoal filters are able to absorb big amounts of harming pollutants, thanks to the large surface of the contained activated carbon. The tar-intake is being reduced, a lot less pollutants enter the respiratory tract and the smoke feels cool and soft. You have the coice between an extra slim version, medium sized charcoalfilters, and the thicker ones, that can also be used in the ActiTube pipes. The activated carbon is free from dust, purified and suitable for vegans.
  • Glassfilters can be directly rolled into your cigarette, or you can place them on top of a regular filter. They feel pleasantly cool on the lips and are totally tasteless. Combined with charcoal-tips for example, those glassfilters lead to a gentle and enjoyable smoking-experience. Glasstips are easy to clean and can be reused countless times.
Everyone can find the perfect filters for his/her needs in our online-shop. Wheter you prefer plain, natural or colorful tips with crazy motives, tar-reducing filters out of cellulose or filled with activated charcoal ? when you roll your own, you get to choose!
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