Barney's Farm

For over 35 years, Barney's Farm has been one of the most pioneering cannabis seed banks in the world. Whether feminized or autoflowering genetics, for indoor or outdoor cultivation, Barney's Farm offers the right cannabis seeds for all occasions. Among the most popular strains of the seedbank from Amsterdam are for example Pineapple Express, Moby Dick or Critical Kush.

The founder and mastermind of Barney's Farm, Derry Brett, began his search for exceptional cannabis genetics back in the 1970s. He traveled around the world collecting seeds from cannabis plants in India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, China and Vietnam. Thanks to his expert selection and great love of experimentation, the many legendary cannabis strains of Barney's Farm were created.

To this day, Barney's Farm is constantly developing new varieties of hemp, which enjoy great popularity in the Netherlands and around the world. The unique creations continue to set new standards in the cannabis market, revolutionizing old-school cannabis flavors, THC and CBD levels, growth forms, and yields.

Those who want to see for themselves the force of Barney's Farm marijuana strains can visit their coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam. You can discover and taste the many different strains there!

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