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In addition to choosing the right substrate, the use of suitable fertilizers and additives plays an important role in any successful plant breeding. In this category you will find all the nutrients your plants need for successful cultivation, vigorous growth and magnificent flowering. Be it for fertilizing plant cultures on soil, the controlled nutrient supply of coco substrates or the precise application of fertilizers in hydroponics: with us you have the choice between a multitude of basic nutrients, soil enhancers, boosters and much more.

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Hemp fertilizers - What you should know

No matter how we design our grow and which cultivation system we choose, all growers have one thing in common: We love powerful, flourishing and potent plants. Therefore, the choice of the perfect fertilizer is of great importance, because only with the necessary nutrients the plants can fully exploit their potential and thrive. So that you don't get lost in the jungle of the countless different fertilizers and additives, we have compiled the most important information about the various fertilizers for you.


  1. Basic fertilizers consist mainly of the 3 components nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). In addition, small amaounts of other important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and sulphur as well as trace elements (copper, zinc, iron, etc.) are contained.
    • Especially at the beginning of the life cycle of every hemp plant, nitrogen is needed for a strong growth and the development of the plant green. But beware: an excess of nitrogen delays the flowering process and makes the plant tissue soft and unstable.
    • Phosphorus is needed for healthy root formation and photosynthesis as well as for the transfer and storage of chemical energy. Too little phosphorus results in weak plants with thin stems, yellow leaves and poor roots.
    • Potassium ensures a healthy moisture absorption of the plants. The right amount of potassium makes the plants resilient, they form a strong tissue and become more resistant to diseases, extreme weather conditions and other external influences. Too much potassium, on the other hand, leads to a excessive salt concentration and limits the absorption of important trace elements and nutrients.
  2. Boosters support the plant at the beginning, during growth, bloom or throughout the entire cycle. They are composed of organic, organic-mineral or mineral raw materials.
  3. Solid soil enhancers are added to the plant substrate to stimulate the development of beneficial microorganisms as well as to promote a healthy, productive habitat for the plants. The liquid soil conditioners can be used either to wet the leaves or as an addition to the irrigation water.
  4. Enzymes strengthen the plant's immune system and improve the absorption of nutrients through the roots. They provide an oxygen-rich root environment, prevent rotting and interact between the roots, the substrate and the microorganisms that occur there.
  5. Strengtheners consist of different vitamins and stimulants such as amino acids and silicon. These support the roots in absorbing nutrients and water and ensure that your plants are flourish.

Be safe: Tested and proven fertilizer manufacturers

We exclusively offer you fertilizers and additives of only the highest quality. You will find renowned manufacturers such as Plagron and Canna as well as other well-known fertilizer brands like Advanced Hydro, Bio Bizz, Aptus, Bio Nova or Hesi. You have the choice between individual additives and nutrients or complete kits with several fertilizers in a practical set.

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