FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy from you?

Of course it is! All our products are legal, only in some cases there are country-specific restrictions, but we will clearly point this out on the respective product page. So you can buy from us without any worries.

How long does my delivery take?

If possible, we ship on the same day, or latest one day after receipt of the money. Depending on where you live, the delivery should arrive at the latest 3 days after receipt of money.

Cash on delivery (only Austria) are normally shipped within 24 hours after your order, so they are faster than prepayment, but also more expensive.

We send cash on delivery only up to 1000 € cash. If you want to order more than 1000 € cash on delivery, please call us at +43 1 609 13 14

Please only order ONLY COD if you are aware of the extra costs (which are visible from the moment you choose COD) and if you are willing and able to accept the order!

A parcel delivery service can NOT plan its exact arrival time well in advance, so it is recommended that you provide a delivery address where daytime delivery can take place - this can also be your workplace.

Parcels that are not accepted will be invoiced by our debt collection agency without goodwill!

Can you tell by the package what is inside?

No, we ship in neutral packaging.

Can I hold Bushplanet responsible if I have used products contrary to the laws that apply to me?

No, you can't do that under any circumstances - we clearly point out here and at various other places on our website that you may only use our products within the scope of the laws that apply to you. With your order you accept our terms and conditions, in which this is also clearly regulated!

Do you ship all articles everywhere?

No, some items are not allowed in some countries, you can find information about this directly at the respective items. Please see all shipping information here.

I'm looking for a certain article that I think you should have, but I can't find it - can you order it for me?

That depends on the item you are looking for - we can order almost all items from the manufacturers in the manufacturers list for you. For articles from other manufacturers please send a short mail to distribution@bushplanet.com.

Can I pick up my order myself? 

Yes, this is easily possible in the Grow City in Brunn / Gebirge by arrangement by mail or phone.

How long do I have warranty/guarantee?

As long as the law specifies - at the moment that is 2 years.

Can I have damaged pipes repaired by you?

This is mostly possible, but it depends on the manufacturer and the damage of your pipe. Please contact us by mail, or even better - just come to us.

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