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Chillums, downstems, diffusers and adapters for bongs

If you have a broken shillum or downpipe, or if you just want to try something new, you can find bong accessories and spare parts for water pipes in our online shop. In this category, we offer downstems, chillums and diffusers in all common sizes made of glass and aluminum.

Guaranteed the right accessories for your water pipe!

In order to get the best spare parts for your bong, find out what the terms shillum, downstem and adapter mean.

  • (Glass-) Chillums are a unit of downpipe and bowl with normed ground joints. These one-piece chillums have the bowl located directly above the ground joint.
  • Bong downstems with internal ground joint have a plug system, where the head fits separately onto the downpipe. Downstems with male glass-to-glass fittings, like Hurricane and KrassDesign, can only be used in combination with a suitable catalyst.
  • Adapters and adapter downstems are required to achieve the desired ground joint size. Adapters, for example, can expand the ground joint size from 14.5 mm to 18.8 mm, while adapter downstems usually reduce from 18 to 14 mm.
  • Diffusor downpipes are also available with 29.9 mm ground joints. Through holes, slits or entire diffuser arms, the smoke is distributed into smaller bubbles inside the water and tastes mellow and cool. These downstems are best used with screens to prevent coarse dirt from entering and clogging the downpipe.
  • Double adapters for bongs allow you to smoke two bowls at the same time. Simply put one on a normal downpipe (in the appropriate size, of course) and equip it with two bong heads.
  • Aluminum downstems are also available for plug-in systems. If you are constantly breaking your glass connection, consider using an aluminum downstem. These are stable and fit into the usual ground joints.

Details matter. Make the most of your water pipe!

Basically, all 18.8 cut connections fit all bongs with the same ground joint size. Nevertheless, there are essential differences between the different spare parts. The downstems from Roor are made of borosilicate glass and are equipped with laboratory ground joints. So, if you are looking for spare parts for a bong that also has a CNC-milled glass-to-glass fitting, you don't usually want to waste the excellent ground joint of the glass pipe, therefore you would also use high-quality glass accessories.

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