Vacuum-sealed Containers

Airtight storage boxes for longer shelf life and best quality herbs

We offer you an extensive selection of vacuum-sealed containers to store any sensitive good safely and securely. TightVacs work with patented vacuum systems, that reliably protect against external influences and trap odors inside. These containers are ideal for storing herbs, tobacco, food, electronics or jewelry in an air-, water- and odor-proof environment.

Never dried out herbs, old cookies or moths in flour and cornflakes again!

Are you tired of food spoiling or getting old after a few days? Are you looking for an ideal container to protect delicate spices or fine coffee? Do you need a box to store light-sensitive electronics or valuables? Then the vacuum-sealed jars from our online shop clearly are the right choice. Their amazing versatility makes TightVacs the best containers when it comes to perfect storage. Order yours today, so you will never have to worry about unwanted odors or loss of food quality ever again!

Advantages of vacuum-sealed cans: Ideal containers for plant material or food

  • Airtight
  • Waterproof
  • Odor-proof
  • All Tight Vac models except "Clear" are lightproof
  • Vacuum seal
  • Easy handling at the touch of a button
  • Child safety lock
  • NSF-certified plastic
  • Food-safe
  • Many sizes for all needs
  • Various colors for every taste

How do vacuum-sealed containers work?

The function of our vacuum-sealed cans is simple, but highly effective. On the small SpaceVacs, a latch can be opened at the bottom; on the larger TightVacs, a valve opens in the lid at the push of a button. This allows air to enter and exit. When the lid is being pushed down, the excess air escapes from the container through the valve, creating a vacuum inside. This keeps the lid safely on the can as soon as the valve is closed. Like this, no odors from the inside can escape and no germs or pests can enter.

Take care of your TightVac Fresh Containers properly

  • Hand wash only, no dishwasher!
  • Keep the inside clean. In order to maintain perfect function, the area where the cap slides on the can should always be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Lid gets stuck when storing sticky products? Cleaning with medical alcohol solves this problem.
  • Food safe wax against sluggish closures: Rub with wax, allow to dry and wipe thoroughly. Leads to a smooth and even surface.
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