Bong Accessories

Upgrade any bong with pre-cooler, ash catcher, chillum and bowl!

In this category, you will find a comprehensive selection of practical bong accessories. Whether you want to replace a broken bowl or downstem or pimp your pipe with a fancy pre-cooler: With us, you will find the best spare parts and accessories for your glass or acrylic bong, at the best price. Browse through our assortment of ash catchers, pre-coolers, couplers, bowls, and much more and discover exactly the piece that suits you.

Order spare-parts and accessories for bongs easily online!

Whether you want to equip your bong with a new bowl, attach a fancy percolator to it or just need a replacement for a broken glass-chillum- it's necessary to be aware of the connection size of your bong and your downpipe respectively.

  • 12,5 mm
  • 14,5 mm (usual)
  • 18,8 mm (standard)
  • 29,9 mm

Tip: If you don't know the connection size of your favorite bong, you can just measure the inner diameter of the ground joint.

What kind of bowl is best for me?

  • Some bowls need screens, that cover the hole and prevent your smoking material from falling into the bong-water. Those bowls need to be cleaned after smoking.
  • Bowls with smaller punctures don't need screens. The filling-material can burn down, and due to the suction effect, the ashes fall into the bong-water.
  • Bowls with handles are especially convenient for bongs without kick-holes. They can be easily lifted off after smoking, to allow fresh air to enter the bong and your respiratory system.
  • The size depends on your personal preferences. From tiny bowls for pure smoking to huge bowls you can find anything in our online-store.
  • The material usually is glass. Whoever wants to prevent any breakage can also choose an aluminum- or wooden bowl.
  • The design is your choice, of course. We offer you regular glass- and metal-bowls as well as colorful eye catchers or beautiful hand-made glass-bowls.

Pre-cooler, ash-catcher or carbon-active adapter?

  • Ash-catchers are simple but useful: They collect the dirt and ashes, before they fall into the bong-water. Especially for bowls without screens, it's an easy way to keep your bong clean.
  • Percolators increase the filtration, the additional water makes the smoke cool and moist. You get to pick from basic pre-coolers or more complex percolators with many arms.
  • Active charcoal adapters are compact but effective filters for the smoke. The activated carbon reduces the tar intake and leads to a smooth smoking-experience.

Good care and cleaning keeps your bong pretty and neat!

Washing your bong with dish soap? Never again! If you have a dirty bong, you just need the right cleaning detergent and the right brushes. We offer you powder- and liquid-detergents, brushes for downpipes, chillums, bowls and waterpipes, to always have a clean bong!

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