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Moisture Regulation

The easy solution for dry or moist buds

If your herbs dry out too quickly or are simply too damp, you don't have to put up with it. Humidity regulators like INTEGRA BOOST use a patented technology: they release or absorbs moisture and keep the relative humidity at a constant level in a closed environment. This makes crunchy plants sticky again and moist herbs smokable at last.

If you want to learn more about the correct storage of precious herbs, just continue reading at the end of this page.

Proper storage of plant material

The appropriate stowage of your herbs is of great importance to avoid loss of quality. To keep your herbs fresh for as long as possible, several factors must be considered when storing them. In addition to choosing a dark, cool place to save your herbs, you should also make sure that the humidity inside the container is correct. We are therefore pleased to offer you humidiccants that are reliable as well as easy to use.

The perfect humidity for storingherbs
  • Ideal humidity in the container: 55% - 63%
  • Too dry: essential oils are degraded, potency reduction, loss of taste
  • Too damp: danger of mold and rot
  • INTEGRA BOOST regulates the humidity in a closed container so that it constantly remains at 55% or 62% relative humidity

Keep your plant material away from light
  • UV rays lead to quality degradation and decomposition of active ingredients
  • Use light- or UV-protected containers
  • Choosea darkplace to store your products

The right temperature to store any flowers
  • Cold temperatures preserve active ingredients
  • Too cold: herbs should normally not be put in the freezer, resin solidifies and falls off
  • Too warm: mold grows between 25-30C, heat causes herbs to dry out

The best air for your favorite herbs
  • Ideal storage: In airtight container, regularly aired
  • Too much oxygen: potency loss
  • Too little oxygen: no gas exchange, promotes spores and mold

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