Traditional and classy: Pipes made of glass, metal or wood

Pipes exist almost as long as smoking itself. Whether for herbs or tobacco, hand pipes were already well-known items of daily use in Columbus' time. Whoever wants to follow that tradition has come to the right place. In our online-shop we offer many different pipes and other portable smoking devices.

Which pipe should I go for?

  • Glass-pipes have the advantage of being completely taste-free of any material flavor. Cleaning is simple, especially when using a fitting screen: no dirt can enter and build up inside the pipe. Some people even wash their glass-pipe in the dishwasher... Our assortment includes plain pipes in different styles as well as a huge variety of colorful, unique glass-pipes by G-Spot.
  • Wooden pipes feel comfortable on the lips, the material doesn?t tamper with the aroma of the smoke that much, and they are sturdierthan glass, too. Cleaning is less easy, however.
  • Metal pipes are robust and convenient for cleaning.
  • Pipes with filters are a lot smoother to smoke, because the activated carbon- or cellulose-filters reduce pollutants in the smoke. We keep glass-, metal- and wooden pipes in stock, in which you can insert a filter.
  • Nicely camouflaged is the hand-pipe in the shape of a credit card. The smoke gets channeled through a cooling-system on the inside of the pipe, so that it is comfortable to smoke despite its size.
  • The Budbomb impresses through her high quality and clever functionality. The pipe is entirely made of stainless steel and contains a spiral, through which the smoke gets pulled. Like this, it achieves a soft but dense smoke. To use the Budbomb right, just fill up the chamber at the end, close it, light it up from the outside and inhale through the mouthpiece. The airflow forces the flame to find its way past the three holes in the cap into the filling chamber where the contents get lighted up.
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