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The AQUAvalve cover if used in conjunction with the AutoPot AQUAvalve allows the grower to create their own basic but very effective hobby system if used correctly.

All that is needed is a flat tray of any shape or size. Simply place the AQUAvalve in the tray & the AQUAvalve cover over the top of it. Mind that the tank has to be positioned at least 150mm above the tray level / highest AQUAvalve of your system, otherwise it won't work.

A small weight of any kind needs to be placed on the AQUAvalve cover to weigh it down, a small pot of compost or a stone will suffice, ensuring that you do not cover the small breather hole on the top of the AQUAvalve cover.

Once in place simply connect the AQUAvalve to a tank, using a length of 6mm pipe and a filter. Although a very basic method, this home made system above can be very effective if used correctly.

When making your own hobby systems please ensure that the tray is as level as possible and that the pot size is not less than 5 litres. If you use smaller pots you will risk the chance of drowning the plants.

A small plant in a small pot will not appreciate being sat in deep water as the root system will not be able to breath. This obviously does not apply to bog plants or carnivorous plants. If you grow carnivorous plants using this method please ensure you only use rain water.

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