Sonoconnect | 102mm | 10m

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flexible high quality tube, made of aluminium

102 mm diameter


price per meter

SONOCONNECT is a range of fully flexible thermally and acoustic insulated ducting, which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. The vapour barrier prevents condensation forming on the outside of duct carrying air at lower temperatures than the surrounding air.

The SONOCONNECT range has been developed to reduce cross talk and noise generated by in duct components. SONOCONNECT offers a very high degree of sound absorption.

SONOCONNECT has been constructed using a microperforated ALUCONNECT, INNERDUCT (covered with a film to prevent the glassfibre to enter into the airstream), 25 mm or 50 mm fibreglass insulation and a vapour barrier JACKETCONNECT or one of the types of ALUCONNECT.
The Jacket used is either a spirally produced multi-layer Aluminium/Polyester Laminated Construction or a Metalized Polyester Jacket.
Since all the individual components of the SONOCONNECT products are assembled at the production plant, you can make your own combination you need for your application.


  • Can be easily cut at the required length and taped at both sides (sound attenuator)
  • Supplied in standard 10 metre length, compressed to 1.2 metre
  • Individually boxed
  • Low costs on transport and logistic
  • Easy to install over either round or oval ducting
  • No special tools required for cutting or fixing
  • In cases of a fire no toxic gases are emitted
  • The products have been tested on fire resistance

Temperature range °C-30/+140 °C
Maximum air velocity30m/sec
Max. positive working pressure2000 Pa

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