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(Original Haze x (Jamaika x Thailand)) x Silver Pearl
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  • 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • indoor
  • (Haze x Jamaica/Thaï) x Silver Pearl

Eagle Bill perpetuates the legacy of the 'Father of Vapor' for whom they are named. An astonishing secret combination of genetics including Pure Haze, Colombian, Thai and Jamaican, this powerful, piney Cannabis variety is a fitting tribute to Eagle Bill Amato.

Eagle Bill grows vigorously, with rapid height gain during the flowering period. Although the speed of growth is quick, the final height of the plants is not excessive and growers should not need especially great ceiling height to get the best from these beauties. For those with a grow space more restricted in height, shortening the vegetation period and/or super-cropping are good solutions and Eagle Bill will respond well to either of these techniques.

More experienced growers may also find Sea of Green or Screen of Green cultivation rewarding. Silver Haze is currently one of the best Sativa dominant Cannabis types for these indoor grow methods but her relative Eagle Bill looks destined to become equally, if not even more, popular as a SOG and SCROG strain thanks to the Indica influence of another cousin, Silver Pearl.

Eagle Bill will finish after an average flowering time, but if you are prepared to cultivate patience, you can get the full potential out of her Sativa elements. An extra ten days or so will give the buds extra bulk, and the flavour its full, rich intensity. Eagle Bill was never a man to rush a good thing. Following his example enables growers to reap all the rewards that his namesake seed strain has to offer.

The Sativa heritage from both the pure Haze and the Colombian, Thai and Jamaican lineage elements are clearly visible in the wide internodal gaps and distinctive spiral formation of the buds around the main stem and branches. This is mainly noticeable in the early weeks of blooming, however, as later on the buds swell thickly and join together in long fat colas that can completely obscure the stems.

Thanks to the Indica side of this glorious combination of Cannabis types, Eagle Bill’s buds are more solid and chunky than those of classic Sativa dominant strains. Lovers of Northern Lights may see a definite family resemblance here, especially in terms of calyx-to-leaf ratio, though the taste and aroma are spicier and more piquant than those of its famous relative (Northern Lights #5 is one of the three strains that make up Silver Pearl).

Given the components that make up the complete genetic profile of Eagle Bill, almost endless variations on the theme of excellence are possible, and the Sensi Seeds breeders were hard tasked to finally decide on which expression of this world-class hybrid was the one that should bear the name of Ben Dronkers' long-time friend and fellow Cannabis pioneer.

It was one of Eagle Bill's last wishes to be a part of the breeding process of his namesake strain. Sadly he was unable to experience the result with its pungent, pine-forest aroma and richly satisfying flavour. But everyone involved at Sensi Seeds is confident that he would have thoroughly approved and enjoyed the culmination of this very special project.

The flavour and aroma of this plant deliver a distinctive, well-rounded taste without being overpoweringly strong. Invest in your experience of a legend with Eagle Bill from Sensi Seeds!

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