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decomposes dead roots and facilitates nutrient uptake
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CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product.
It consists of more than 12 different kinds of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. CANNAZYM speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates the micro-organisms. In addition to this, CANNAZYM facilitates the improved absorption of nutrients and increases the resistance against pathogenic organisms.

The threat
In a root system that functions well, roots die and new roots are formed. The remains of roots that died form an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have multiplied in the dead root material, they are a threat to the healthy roots. These are easily affected, and will lose an important part of their function. This causes stress to the entire plant and stunts any new growth.

How does CANNAZYM work?

Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions in living organisms. (Example: enzymes play a vital role in our digestion).
The enzymes in CANNAZYM facilitate fast conversion of dead roots into minerals and sugars. This is important, as they make up a valuable source of nutrients for the plant as well as for the soil environment. A fast breakdown of root remains creates a balanced air and soil hydrology in the root environment. Furthermore, putrefaction and consequently the formation of toxic substances are prevented and the risk of an infection by pathogenic moulds is considerably reduced. This is ideal for your plant. The soil environment is improved, as the minerals and sugars that are formed as a result of using CANNAZYM, are important for the bacteria located close to the roots. These bacteria provide the plant with extra protection against diseases that are caused by moulds and facilitate the exchange nutrients and vitamins with the roots. This results in improved balance and an increased absorption capacity.

Increased health
CANNAZYM contains several easy-to-absorb vitamins that stimulate the plant to form new roots. A well-developed root system uses of a lot of young growing-points. Elements like calcium, magnesium and iron are absorbed exactly by these growing-points. Furthermore, a substance that has been isolated from desert plants has been added to CANNAZYM, as a result of which the plants natural defence system will be improved. Activation of the defence system of the plant increases the protection against pathogenic organisms. A defence system that functions optimally allows the plant to react quickly against an imminent attack; eventual damage will be prevented or limited.

The above-mentioned information also explains why CANNAZYM is indispensable with the reuse of growing substrates; the root remains will be rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients; infections will be prevented and the air/water relation in the root environment will be improved.

CANNAZYM contains more than 15 different enzymes. CANNAZYM is enriched with special vitamins and extracts of desert plants. CANNAZYM speeds up the breaking down of dead root material, activates micro life, makes better absorption of nutrients possible and increases the resistance against pathogens.

Directions of use
Shake bottle well before use? Dissolve 250 ml concentrate per 100 Liter of water (1:400)
Add to the nutrient solution at least once a week, preferable continuously
When you use older (untreated) slabs, double the dose for a one-month period
Do not prepare the solution for more than 10 days ahead
Do not use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H202)Storage, health & safety and other directions
Overfertilization has a negative effect on the substrate, the plant and nature in general? Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place
Keep out of reach of children

Warranty / Guarantee
CANNA only works with high graded nutrients and chelates, which are immediately and completely available for the plant.The bottle is made of Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.

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