Aptus Startbooster | 250ml

roots and growth stimulator
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Root and growth stimulator

Startbooster is a complete and highly concentrated root and growth stimulator. Startbooster contains a mix of completely biological active ingredients that have a stimulating effect on the development of the root system and growth processes. Startbooster stimulates the development of the root system and root-hairs. Startbooster also has a powerful soil conditioning effect. This stimulates beneficial micro life. Since Startbooster is highly concentrated, small dosages are needed making the product cheap to use. The cocktail of multiple active ingredients makes Startbooster the most powerful root and growth stimulator on the market.


  • Most powerful root and growth stimulator
  • High concentration makes product cheap to use
  • Synergetic cocktail of multiple active ingredients
  • Faster development of root system and root hairs
  • Faster development of stems and plant tissues
  • Stems become 2x as thick!
  • Activates soil micro life

    Tips & Tricks

    • Add Startbooster after measuring EC.
    • Dip roots before planting in a dip mix of Startbooster 10 ml per liter (1:100).
    • Startbooster is the only root and growth stimulator that contains specific biomass
    • Startbooster is an 100% organic product. Using Startbooster can cause
    • deposits in the tank. Therefore clean the tank at least 1x a week.
    • Always use System-Clean when using Startbooster in drip irrigation systems


      Startbooster contains the following root and growth stimulating active ingredients:

    • Humic acids
    • Amino acids
    • Fulvic acids
    • Organic nitrogen
    • Specific biomass

    Startbooster is the only product available on the market containing specific biomass. This biomass protects the root system and produces growth stimulating hormones. It is the combination of the different active ingredients that makes Startbooster the most powerful product in this category.

    Application and dosage

    • Use Startbooster as additive next to NPK fertilizers. On pre fertilized soil Startbooster can be used without additional growth fertilizers. When using Startbooster the pre growth phase can be shortened.
    • Use Startbooster during the pre growth phase and the first week of blossom. Use 25 ml per 100 litres water. Add Startbooster after adding the NPK nutrients and after measuring EC.
    • Startbooster is a 100% organic product. Be careful with the use of organic product in drip irrigation systems. In such systems, organic product increase the risk of blockages. Therefore, always use System-Clean when using Startbooster in drip irrigation systems.

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