A brand with tradition: Zenit bongs, made by masters of the glassblower handicraft.

Zenit is a family-run business in the fourth generation, nowadaysled by Frank Dhler. Zenit produces their high-end glass bongs with skill and love in their workshop in Germany,representing the present stateof the art interms of thetechnologyused.Following their tradition until today, Zenit bongs are handmade, meaning that all their water pipes are unique. The professional and contemporary processing of high-quality borosilicate glass combined with CNC milled glass-to-glass fittings and harmonious designs constitutes the prerequisite for brilliant bongs.

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The glass of Zenit bongs is tension-free and varies between a thickness of 3,5 mm and 5 mm. Because of the special workmanship, their glass has a particularly shiny surface. Depending on your taste, we offer Zenit bongs with a straight neck as well as beaker bongs or bongs with a round bowl. Like this, everyone can decide individually over the smoke- and water-volume. With their stable foot, the bongs are less likely going to tip over and the glass-to-glass fitting is robust and sturdy thanks to complex finishing. All Zenit glass pipes come with a downpipe and a thick-walled bowl, both with laboratory ground joints.

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If you are looking for a comfortable, smooth smoking experience, Zenit will provide you with the perfect bong. The Zenit glass pipes may seem simple, but really they are delicately adjusted smoking devices, that lead to impressing results due to their elaborate dimensions, adjusted inclination angle of the downpipe and ideal smoke-volume.

Broken glass? No problem! We repair your Zenit glass bong in Vienna.

Despite the high stability of Zenit glass, it still happens that even the best bong can break. However, there is no reason to worry! You don?t have to buy a new bong right away, because we offer a full repair-service in our Bushplanet headshop in Vienna. Our glassblower takes care of broken glass bongs competently and carefully. Just stop by our headshop with your bong and we will sort you out. If the downpipe or bowl of your Zenit ever breaks, you will find original spare parts in our online store.

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