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Real cannaisseurs know that choosing the proper seed builds the basis for a successful grow.

Why should cannabis cultivators actually consider seeds? There are many advantages when you grow your cannabis plant directly from a seed. In general they grow stronger and are genetically from higher quality. Also, seeds are available throughout the year, are easier to transport and are also cheaper in the long run compared to seedlings.

When you purchase seeds from quality seed banks you are guaranteed germination rates in the upper 95%, profit, vital and stable cannabis plants as well as excellent taste and effect.

When it comes to strains the seed selection is almost endless. Our online shop offers all-time classics, award winning champions and new school such as Citron Givr by T.H.Seeds, HiFi 4G by Dutch Passion, Strawberry AKeil by Serious Seeds, Ocean Grown Cookies by Dinafem, Three Blue Kings by Humboldt Seed Organization and many more.

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Seeds for every location: indoor, outdoor or greenhouse

One of the first questions a cannabis gardener has to ask himself is: Where do I want to grow my plants? In the comforts of my own four walls, out in the open or do I maybe have space for a greenhouse? Every option has its pros and cons which we will check out now.

Let's start with outdoor growing. Outdoors, the seed can grow to its full potential just as nature intended it - thanks to the power of the sun. This natural resource is not only sustainable and highly nutritious (plants can grow up to 4 meter), it's also very economical compared to artificial light sources. There are also almost no investment costs when growing cannabis outdoors. Actually, you only need the seed and you are good to go.

Those who prefer growing cannabis at home, will not only need seeds for indoor cultivation, but also the proper grow equipment: pots, soil, fertilizers, lighting, ventilation and watering systems, grow tents and much more. The initial costs should not be underestimated. The big advantage is though that growers can pursue their hobby all year long regardless of the season.

Greenhouses combine the best of both worlds. Growers can profit from the sun as natural light source but use light and heating systems when needed. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you will need to reserve adequate space in your garden.

As you can see, the cultivation of cannabis plants needs lots of preparation. Whether, you plan to grow indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse, we have the proper seed waiting for you in our seed online shop.

Easy breezy: Buy autoflowering and feminized seeds legally online

Who run the world? In the world of cannabis there is only one clear answer: women! Only female plants can produce the compounds that hemp lovers are looking for. That's why, it's no wonder that growers mostly buy feminized seeds nowadays. Feminized cannabis seeds lead to highly stable plants and are guaranteed to be almost 100% female.

For all growers who can’t wait to hold their beloved plants in their hands, we would recommend autoflowering seeds. Some time ago, clever breeders started to crossbreed known indica and sativa strains with a cannabis ruderalis, a plant of small stature which blooms by itself. The result was a autoflowering hybrid which doesn’t grow too big (between 30 - 80 cm) and guarantees a short life span (max. 9 weeks instead of 12).

Especially, grow beginners and guerilla growers will have loads of fun with autoflowering seeds. They need way less attention and gardening skills compared to feminized seeds. Due to their short life cycle multiple grows within a season are common, experienced cannabis cultivators will embrace this unique characteristic of autoflowering seeds.

Caution: Autoflowering hemp seeds, as the name alreadys suggests, will bloom automatically independent from their light cycle.

Just the way you like it: Buy premium genetics online

Last but not least, what type of genetic are you looking for? Indica, sativa or maybe a mix of both? In theory, there is no difference between indica and sativa genetics. Common hemp is defined as Cannabis Sativa L. In practice though, there are quite a few differenceswhen it comes to appearance, growth patterns and effect.

Indicas look more compact, stocky and produce dense, dark-green leaves. They have a short growth cycle of 6 - 9 weeks and can reach up to 2 meters in height. The effects are often described as relaxing, soothing, sleep-inducing or "stoned" since indicas mostly affect the body.

Sativas produces long, light-green leaves and have an elegant, delicate appearance. They can reach up 4 meter in height and approximately need 9 - 12 weeks until they are fully grown. Their effects are associated with euphoria, creativity, energy and the so called "cerebral high".

In our seed shop you will find various seeds perfect for your next grow. No matter, if you are looking for the best mostly indica, mostly sativa or hybrid strains, we have you covered.

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