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Item number: SANQ4W2

Sanlight Q4W | S2.1 | Gen2

Sanlight Q4W, 4Q-Modules, standard spacing, 165W, PPF 416µmol/s
Q-Serie 2nd Generation!
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Sanlight Q4W, 4Q-Modules, standard spacing, 165W, PPF 416µmol/s

Please order power cable separately! (Art.Nr. SANQPC2)

Sanlight Q-Series Generation 2: Highly efficient LED Plant Illumination

The second generation of the popular Sanlight Q series has it all: the light module features the latest 2mm² Osram LED chip technology,
which makes it possible to generate a broadband optimal light spectrum with an efficiency of 2.7µmol/J. Best efficiency, unbeatable flexibility and longevity characterize this product line. Hobby gardeners, as well as professionals, will get their money's worth with the Gen2. The ECO models stand for maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, while the EXPERT setups generate maximum yields.

Key features

  • Perfect light control with the best protection
    SANlight's Q-Series is based on sophisticated secondary optics which captures more than 95% of all photons emitted by the LED chip and directs them directly to your plants. This reduces the light loss due to e.g. reflections from the tent walls to a minimum and protects the LEDs from dirt. The material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Passive cooling
    Again, SANlight relies on the massive passive cooling aluminum heat sink. The passive cooling maximizes energy efficiency and service life and minimizes error susceptibility, risk and noise level at the same time.
  • Best efficiency
    The latest 2mm² LED chip technology from Osram achieves an efficiency of 2.7µmol/s in a white broadband spectrum. In addition, the chips are even less sensitive to environmental influences, enabling realistic service lives of more than 100,000 hours.
  • Daisy-chaining option
    In order to be able to deliver the best quality also with the plug connections, SANlight relies on robust premium connections, which defy even the most adverse conditions. The new Wieland H-distributor enables several luminaires to be operated from a single household socket.
  • ready-to-dimm
    The models of the Q-Series Gen2 can, if required, be equipped with different dimmer systems. The separately available dimmer is attached to the unoccupied slot of the luminaire via plug and play and can be dimmed and/or simulate a sunrise using a magnetic switch (M-Dimm). For more complex systems, a Bluetooth dimmer is available, which makes it possible to dim up to 100 luminaires simultaneously or independently of each other.
  • ready-to-boot
    In order to be able to react even more flexibly to changes in the mounting situation, a type of chip tuning can be applied. Take your Q-Series model to a certified SANlight dealer who, after a short consultation, can increase the performance of your luminaire by 10%.

Available Q-Series Gen2 Models


Suitability (Beleuchtung): BloomUniversal
Brand (Beleuchtung): Sanlight
Output Power (Beleuchtung): 165 W
Item number SANQ4W2
Shipping weight:4,60 Kg

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