Glassbongs by Roor: Classy water pipes in exclusive quality

The high-grade glass pipes that Roor has to offer really raise the bar high: laboratory glass and precise processing, elegant designs and lots of experience in production make the Roor-bongs unique glass-art. The connection of functionality, design and quality lead to a first-class smoking experience for the highest demands.

Personalized Bongs for every taste: put together your own Roor!

The right shape: straight or with bowl?

  • Straight Roor-pipes are available in different varieties. A slim neck, like the Ice- or Fairmaster have, contain a smaller smoke and water volume than bigger models like the Zumo, the 500 mm or the 1000 mm Roor.
  • The Beaker-series with the cone-shaped bowls has a much higher water capacity than the straight designs. We offer these bongs in different, convenient sizes. The smaller versions, as the name intends, are the Little Sistas, the Dealers Cups are the big ones.

Right size, perfect thickness and fitting ground joint

  • Regarding the size, it is imperative to remember that a taller bong means also a bigger smoke capacity. The particularly tall bongs are usually more suitable for experienced smokers.
  • The thickness especially makes a difference for the longevity of your bong. Thick glass is more robust and protects the bong from breakage due to carelessness.
  • The standard size of ground joints is 18,8 mm. Smaller bongs normally also have smaller ground joints (14,5 mm). Whoever wants to upgrade his/her bong with other bowls or pre-coolers should be aware of the right size, in particular.

Individual bong with or without ice pinches and carbhole

You decide, if your Roor glass-bong should have ice pinches or not:

Carbhole or lifting up the bowl:

  • With a bong containing a kickhole one just has to lift up the finger from the hole, to let fresh air flow into the bong after taking a hit.
  • When using a bong without Carbhole, the bowl needs to be taken down after inhaling the smoke, to let air stream into the bong and your respiratory system.

With RooR you choose exceptional quality and attention to details
Since the mid-90s, the Roor-team specialized on the handicraft of glassblowing and production of glass bongs. The well-known and proven bongs are being manufactured at the Roor-workshop in Frankenthal with precision and expertise. Like this, Roor keeps its high standards while always developing their products further.

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