Portable Vaporizers

Your new companion: portable pocket sized Vaporizers

If you want to take your vaporizer everywhere, a mobile device is the best choice. In our online shop we offer a huge assortment of handy vaporizers in many different designs and sizes. Whether it's a mini vaporizer in pen format for the little hit on the go, or a precisely adjustable model with intensive steam development: order your new steam buddy for on-the-go easily online.

You are not sure which model is best for you? Don' worry, just inform yourself and continue reading at the end of this page.

Portable Vaporizers: Performance and efficiency

For quite some time, the steam output of the hand vaporizers did not come close to that of the stand-alone units. The development of the last few years in this field, however, is impressive. Nowadays, even the small vaporizers achieve remarkable results and offer a real alternative to the large home vaporizers. Most portable models run on battery power and offer accurate electronic temperature control, either with different heat levels, or even with display andprecise temperature control. This allows the intensity to be regulated according to personal preference and the vaporizers can be used for a wide variety of herbs.

The best handy vaporizer according to your wishes

Miniature vapos as small as a ballpoint pen:
Tiny models, hardly bigger than a cigarette: Be ready anywhere, anytime.

Practical vaporizer models that fit in any pocket:
High-quality vaporizers with better steam performance and easy operation.

  • Four temperature settings and boost mode: The classy DaVinci Micro.
  • Futuristic design meets first-class function: Innovative and unique vaporizer from PAX. Heat levels can be individually preset.
  • Small devices with or without display: Thanks to temperature regulation via heat settings the Storm Saphhire is simple and practical. The Flowermate Nano shines with glass mouthpiece and display.
  • Powerful handheld devices from Boundless in small or large: Compact and without display is the small Boundless CF. Its big brother Boundless CFX is equipped with a large display and has the double filling volume.

Highly efficient all-rounders for uniquely dense vaporizer steam:
Convection and conduction: hand vaporizers with first-class steam development that can compete with the large standing units.

  • The leaders regarding steam performance - Storz and Bickel: The Crafty is handy and has no display, but it can be precisely regulated with any smartphone. Integrated display and double battery-life justify the largersize of the Mighty.
  • For a smaller budget: With precise heat settings, the xVape Fog can be regulated quickly and easily.

What can be vaped with the compact vaporizers?

Basically, vaporizers can be used for many different herbs and oils. However, you should be aware of the right temperature, because the different herbs need different temperatures, so that all essential oils can evaporate but nothing gets burned.

  1. Herbs and plants of all kinds can be vaporized without producing harmful substances.
  2. Specialized in extracts: oils and liquids are easily vaporized in the right devices.
  3. All in one! Many practical models are able to convert both herbs and liquids into pleasant steam.
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