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Do you want to stay up to date and not miss the most coveted curiosities? Fortunately, we at Bushplanet are always in the mood for something new! Leave the search for the most modern products to us and browse through all our available novelties here. The hottest papers and filters, the latest bong innovations, the most popular seeds and grow equipment of the future: discover and find out what's new.

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Don't miss a thing and be equipped with the coolest items! We have put our newest articles in a separate category for you, so that you don't have to search for them. Whether you're simply curious or are always looking for new, creative solutions, here you will discover everything that has just arrived in our online store.

Bongs, pipes and vaporizers brand new!

If you're bored by the same papers over and over, annoyed by the ugly mixing bowl from your penultimate birthday or just don't feel like using the dusty bongof your big brother anymore, you're sure to find a new must-have among our freshly added products. Find smoking articles that you certainly haven't tried out yet, chic grinders or exceptional vaporizer novelties. So that from now on you will always be the first to have the hottest rolling accessories, such as the dazzling Shine gold papers, at hand!

Buy the latest grow equipment online

There's nothing new going on in your garden? Then it's time for the most unusual, latest cannabis seeds and strains! Just relax and get an overview of which cannabis strains are currently in vogue, which seeds are new to the market and which new cannabis seeds you have probably never tried before. Of course you can also explore the most trend-setting lamps, such as LED lights, or futuristic grow tents with cutting-edge technology. In this category you will find all the equipment and accessories you need to set up your homegrow with the latest technology.

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