Handmade originals with whirlwind-technology: RoB's Hurricane bongs

Thanks to the unique construction of the Hurricane, different pressure areas build up in the glass corpus while smoking. In these, the smoke gradually cools down. Via 3 or 6 air inlets, a "hurricane" is created inside of the bong, that gives it its memorable name. Due to this air vortex, the tar-drops contained in the smoke get pushed onto the inside of the bong, where they settle. Like this, the smoke gets freed from tar and you are able to savor all of your herbs benefitswith a pleasantly mild smoke.

The Hurricane quality promise

The glass-waterpipes by RoB are entirely made out of first-class laboratory glass by Schott. The gentle, slow cooling-process keeps the glass free from strain. This means, those bongs are more shock-proof than regular glass bongs ? they don?t burst because of tension in the glass. Hurricanes are handmade by skillful glassblowers and their quality always gets monitored carefully. Handmade means, that all Hurricane bongs are singular and unique. To guarantee the originality, every bong is engraved with a serial number and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the glassblower.

Find the best Hurricane glass-bongs in our online-shop

We offer Hurricanes in three sizes. Like this, you get to choose between 600 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml smoke-volume, depending on your preference. In general, the size should be chosen according to your lung capacity. Smaller versions normally work better for beginners, practiced smokers tend to prefer bigger ones.
And there are various, classy designs, of course:

What else there is to know about the Hurricane

  • The Hurricane bong stands stable and non-tilting on many surfaces thanks to its three legs
  • These bongs work for right- as well as left-handed people alike, because the kickhole is centrally situated in the front.
  • The ergonomic mouthpiece fits comfortable onto the lips.
  • The catalyst (ash-catcher) can be rotated in any direction, allowing the bong to be smoked laying down, too.

The construction of the Hurricane makes it an extremely robust bong.
There is no warranty on Hurricane bongs, neither directly from the manufacturer nor from us. However, you can always drop your bong by our store in case of breakage. Our skilled, in-house glassblower will do everything in his power to repair your glass bong. For any further questions, you can also just call our Headshop in Vienna directly!

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