Home Vaporizers

Gentle evaporation with unique desktop vaporizers

Stand-alone vaporisers, which set the bar high with their steam output and intensity, are suitable for relaxed use at home. The Storz and Bickel units have proven themselves countless times since the year 2000, the Volcano is regarded as the pioneer of vaporizers and still sets the tone in the world of vaping today. So, if you are looking for extremely mild and pure vaporizer steam and value the best possible vapor development, you will certainly find what you are looking for in this category of our online shop. The home devices are particularly suitable for medical use as they work most efficiently and evaporate up to 100% of the active ingredients inside your herbs. In contrast to mobile devices, the larger vaporizers can only be used within your own four walls, for daily use, cosy evenings at home or fun vaporizer parties with friends and relatives.

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