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Gentle evaporation with unique desktopvaporizers

Stand-alone vaporisers, which set the bar high with their steam output and intensity, are suitable for relaxed use at home. The Storz and Bickel units have proven themselves countless times since the year 2000, the Volcano is regarded as the pioneer of vaporizers and still sets the tone in the world of vaping today. So, if you are looking for extremely mild and pure vaporizer steam and value the best possiblevapor development, you will certainly find what you are looking for in this category of our online shop. The home devices are particularly suitable for medical use as they work most efficiently and evaporate up to 100% of the active ingredients inside your herbs. In contrast tomobile devices, the larger vaporizers can only be used within your own four walls, for daily use, cosy evenings at home or fun vaporizer parties with friends and relatives.

Vaporizers are the future of mellow herb inhalation

If you want to take care of your health and choose the best, most effective vaporizers, a home vaporizer is the right choice. Although some small mobile models can compete with the big ones,desktop vaporizers are still unsurpassed in their effectiveness and efficiency, getting the most out of your herbs, oils and plant extracts.

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The stand-alone units work with convection, the most efficient way to vaporize herbs or extracts. The finely ground herbs are placed in a special filling chamber. Depending on the setting, hot air between 40 and 220C then flows through the herb chamber, whereby the essential oils or active substances in the herbs evaporate and can be inhaled in the form of steam. Like this, up to 100% of the active ingredients are released and the consumer receives the entire range of desired essential oils without burdening the respiratory tract with unnecessary pollutants. In comparison: In the case of herbal cigarettes, only about 30-40% of the active ingredients reach the smoker and pollutants such as tar are produced during the burning process. For this reason, the big home-devices are suitable particularly for aromatherapy and phyto-inhalation.

Which home vaporiser is best for you?

The different home devices hardly differ in their functional principle. All these high-quality table vaporizers are operated via a standard power supply unit and are able to vaporize herbs as well as oils, wax, hash or extracts. So that you can make the perfect choice and see the subtle differences, we have summarized the features of the different Vapos briefly and concisely:

  1. Volcano Classic: Completely electromechanical design. The temperature is regulated by a rotary wheel with 9 settings from 130Cto 230C. The hot air convection heater and the patented removable valve balloon system guarantee maximum efficiency, no resistance to inhalation and easy handling. Weight: 1.6 kg
  2. Volcano Digit: The temperature can be set precisely between 40C and 230C via the display. Herbs and extracts of all kinds, even those with a particularly low boiling point, can thus be vaporised. It runs with the same hot-air convection system as the "Classic" and enables equally resistance-free, mild vaporisation. Turns off automatically after 30 minutes. Weight: 1.8 kg
  3. Plenty: The thermometer shows the current temperature, which can be set on a 7-step rotary knob. This allows the Plenty vaporizer to vaporize your herbs at heat levels between 130 and 200C.Uses convection for highest performance and aspecial stainless steel cooling spiral for a gentle, cool air flow. When the desired temperature is reached, the heater switches off automatically. Thanks to its weight of 700 g, the Plenty can also fit in a backpack.

Instructions for table vaporizers: You got this!

If you are not sure how to use your new Storz&Bickel home vaporisor, you can get an overview here:

  • Grind herbs: The finer your herbs are ground, the more effectively the ingredients are vaporised. Small ground plant parts have a larger surface, which allows the contained essential oils to evaporate much better and a maximum of active ingredients reaches the consumer.
  • Fill up filling chamber: The chamber should be completely filled, so that the herbs use up the entire filling volume, but are not compressed. This way, theycan evaporate evenly and the air flows through the herbs without resistance.
  • Oils and extracts: If you don't want to evaporate herbs but liquids, use the liquid pad. This small stainless steel cushion is placed into the filling chamber and the extract is applied onto it. As soon as the device is heated, the drip pad sucks in the liquid and the air flow can pass through the pad without any problems. At the same time, the vaporizer is protected from liquid getting inside the vaporizerand damaging it.
  • Correct temperature: The correct temperature must be selected depending on which herbs and which essential oils are to be vaporized.
  • With the Volcano: Place the empty balloon with the filled herb chamber on the preheated device and activate the air flow. The hot air passes through the herbs, takes the active ingredients with it, whereafter they fill up the ballon as steam. To inhale, simply remove the balloon from the vaporizer, place the mouthpiece on the balloon and inhale the vapor.
  • With the Plenty: Place the cooling spiral with the mouthpiece on the filled herb chamber and set the appliance to the desired heat level. When the temperature is reached, the device switches itself off so that you can vape carefree and relaxed.
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