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Bushplanet, the Austrian hemp pioneer, supplies amateur gardeners as well as professionell growers with special growing equipment.

In our grow shop you will find everything you need for your next indoor grow: soil, fertilizers, lighting, ventilation, watering, literature and more!

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Customer satisfaction and a big fat smile on your face after a successful grow is our main priority. When it to comes indoor growing there are many different approaches that can lead to amazing results.

Every grower has his or her own vision on how they can provide their plants best with light, water and nutrients. We are sure that you will find the proper grow products which fit your style in our online grow shop.

For more information feel free to to ask our experienced staff in one of our grow stores in Vienna or Brunn am Gebirge. They will be happy to help you and assist your indoor growth project with their vast grow-how.

Indoor growing - what do I need?

In order to cultivate cannabis in your own home, you will need special growing equipment to create the optimal environment for your plants. In addition to a safe place, great seeds or seedlings, you will also need to take care of the climate, the humidity, lighting and so on. The better you can simulate mother nature, the bigger and stronger your plants.

Cannabis, like corn, millet or cabbage, is part of the short-day crop family. Meaning, that it only blooms when the plant starts to get less daylight. In nature, we can witness this process when the season changes from summer to autumn.

This is what you will need for your professional indoor garden:

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