V Syndicate

The Grinder Card: A grinder that fits in your wallet

Who doesn't know the feeling: You don't want to miss out on the high comfort you are used to when rolling and smoking at home. But taking your smoking utensils such as a grinder or rolling tray with you is sometimes unpleasant or impractical. If you are tired of having to hide your herb mill on-the-go, in the park, by the lake, on holidays or at festivals, a Grinder Card might be the perfect grinding tool for you. A credit card sized herb grater that prepares you for any situation, wherever and whenever.

Grinder Cards: environmentally friendly and modern

Today's times demand eco-friendly, material-saving solutions for the development and production of contemporary smoking utensils. Therefore, the Grinder Card's unique surface uses only 5% of the material an average grinder would use. Manufactured with medical grade stainless steel, this card is rustproof and provides a safe and quick solution to shred your herbs effortlessly. The card's blades are sharp enough to grate even harder plant parts, but thanks to the ingenious design they protect your fingers from injury. The different designs offer different grinding sizes between fine, medium and coarse. If you don't want to decide, you can choose a grinder card with several sizes of grinding blades combined.

Advantages of a V-Syndicate Grinder Card

  • Flat design, fits in every purse
  • Particularly sharp-milled edges for fine grinding results
  • Herbs can be grated directly into pipe or paper
  • Longevity despite the low price
  • Comes with fitting, printed paper envelope to protect the blades and your wallet
  • Medical stainless steel, very stable and easy to clean
  • No tedious turning and screwing, simply grate your herb instead
  • Designs for every taste, colorfully printed or simple and plain

Tip: If your herbs are well dried, the Grinder Card works best. The moister the plant material, the more dexterity is needed to achieve a perfect result and grind your herbs nice and easy.

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