Innovation meets design: order SLX grinders online in Austria

The SLX grinder was developed to meet the highest demands. Thanks to its precise grinding mechanism, it enables smooth grinding and maximum comfort. The non-adhesive ceramic coating keeps it free of sticky residues and it (almost) never needs to be cleaned. Because of that, we are pleased to be able to offer you this trend-setting herb mill in all variations. Find your new SLX grinder today in our online shop.

SLX: The vision of precision and perfection

A herb mill so smooth it never sticks. A thread that never gets stuck. A sieve that filters perfectly. A grinder that is so easy to use that you can always rely on it. A mill without effort. A grinder that just does what it's supposed to do.
This vision is now a reality. Welcome to SLX: the friction-free future of herb mills.

Which SLX model suits you best?

The size could be a factor when deciding whether you want to use your grinder on the road or at home. The small version comes in practical 51 mm, the large SLX grinder measures 62 mm. Additionally, you can choose between seven unique colors:

Why SLX should be your first choice

Futuristic materials

  • 7075 T6 Aluminium: This alloy is otherwise used in aerospace applications. Extremely stable, lightweight and durable. No thread damage, no bending of the grinding teeth.
  • Ceramic coating: The "Cerami-Coat" specially developed by SLX prevents material from sticking onto the grinders surface. Non-toxic, does not release any chemicals. No cleaning necessary.
  • Pollen sieve made of stainless steel: Thanks to the fine micron size, no plant parts but pollen get filtered. Thread-free, easy to remove.
  • Neodymium magnet: Strong magnet, which prevents any unwanted opening of the grinder. These magnets also are being used in nuclear spin tomography or in the construction of electric motors.

Unique workmanship and timeless designs

  • Perfect grinding mechanism: Exceptionally shaped grinding spikes with 4 uncompromisingly sharp edges. Stable and efficient, even grind coarse plant parts effortlessly and easily.
  • Ideal grip: filigree slits on the lid and lower part make the grinder very easy to hold and turn.
  • Perfect shape: Function-oriented structure for first-class handling combined with enchanting colors, matt but shimmering at the same time.

The right care for continual use of SLX grinders

Of course, it can happen that herbs get caught in the SLX herb mill. This happens when the plant material is particularly moist. Here, a soft toothbrush or brush is an excellent remedy. In some cases after long use, it is also advisable to lubricate the grinding mechanism with refined hemp seed oil. This makes it easy to remove any buildup simply with a cloth. In general, the SLX Grinder can also be cleaned with solvents such as alcohol, but this can lead to discoloration of the surface.

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