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Black Leaf

Black Leaf grinders: Easy handling and reliable results

Nowadays, a grinder is part of the basic equipment of any joyful smoker. You will find crushers made of different materials, but Black Leaf has specialized in herb mills made out of metal. Thanks to their sharp teeth and stable construction, these grinders effortlessly crush all plant materials in any condition. We offer high-quality Black Leaf mills in many vibrant colors, various sizes and designs, with or without a screen.

The best crusher for your purposes

  • Mini grinders for very small amounts (for vaporizers, hand pipes):
    little, two-piece models for direct use
  • Small grinders with herb chamber (for small cigarettes, small bong bowls):
    narrow, four-part mills with an integrated screen and dust compartment
  • Medium grinders (for king-size cigarettes, big bowls):
    larger, two-piece herb mills
  • Large grinders with herb chamber (for blunts, herb mixtures):
    large, four-part crushers with a sieve and pollen compartment

Of course, each grinder can be used for any application. The classification above only serves as orientation when choosing your new grinder.

Collect delicious pollen and crystals in your grinder!

Unlike normal 2-part herb mills, multi-part grinders are usually equipped with a screen. These collect pollen or resin in the compartment underneath the sieve. The mostly sticky pollen can be smoked in a tobacco or herb mixture as well as being used for cooking or baking.

Tip: To be able to remove the pollen from the grinder effortlessly, place the mill in the freezer for 30 minutes.

What is the best way to clean my Black Leaf Grinder?

It is advisable to clean your herb mill regularly and remove sticky residues to always keep it running nice and smooth.

  • Depending on the degree of soiling, scrubbing with a brush or toothbrush may be sufficient.
  • Aluminum grinders can also be washed in the dishwasher if the teeth or threads are very sticky. In order to remove detergent residues, the grinder should be thoroughly rinsed with clear water afterwards.
  • Cleaning with medical alcohol is particularly easy. The individual parts of the crusher simply have to sit in high-proof alcohol (at least 80%) for a while, which dissolves all build-ups. The alcohol then evaporates completely, which means the dissolved leftovers from the grinder can be used again.
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