Greengo papers are the purest rolling papers on the market. The papers are made of 100% chlorine-free paper pulp, the packaging is made of 100% recycled material. On top of this, Greengo papers are made from FSC-certified cellulose! For a green future: Go Green - Greengo!

Greengo grinders: trend-setting and eco-friendly

Greengo crushers basically differ in two groups: Metal and plastic grinders. Within these categories, you can find many different models in numerous sizes and colors to meet all your needs.

Colorful metal grinders providing excellent results

Greengo's aluminum mills have sharp-edged grinding teeth and cut all types of herbs smoothly into small pieces. We have two-part as well as four-part versions in stock. The four-part models are equipped with a fine screen, which separates the pollen from the ground herbs. Like that, the grinder fills up with pollen over time. This extract can be used in different ways, for example for cooking or baking. All metal Greengo crushers are available in 9 different colors from pink, violet and red over blue, green and grey to black, silver and gold.

You can also choose between 3 different diameters:

Recycled plastic grinders for our environment!

Usually the words plastic and environmental protection in the same sentence sound rather confusing. Greengo's herb mills, however, are a little different: these grinders are made from recycled plastic that was previously used to package cannabis products in Dutch coffee shops. This plastic packaging is collected through a deposit system and used as the base material for the production of Greengo grinders. The upcycling of plastic is eco-friendly and at the same time produces results that are impressive: Smooth-running mills with pointed teeth that grind your herbs easily. They are also super easy to clean: Just put them in the dishwasher and rinse with fresh water afterwards.

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